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    HashPlex Exclusive Interview: Lightning Hub Open Source Release

    HashPlex is a company that specializes in hosting miner services, allowing home miners access to industry standard electricity rates in order to stay competitive. While their main focus is indeed the mining aspect of Bitcoin, the people over at HashPlex understand the importance of the Bitcoin network, which is especially seen by the debut of their new open source lightning hub. I talked to Bernard Rihn, CEO and founder, as well as Jasper Hugunin, their

    · August 12, 2015 · 6:00 am
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    ASICRising new Chip Halves Bitcoin Mining Energy

    ASICRising, a German start-up is trying to find investors to produce a new high-performance microchip that it says would make bitcoin mining much cheaper and energy efficient. The process of mining is becoming increasingly expensive. While mining requires enormous amounts of energy to feed the computing power and cooling systems needed to get the hashing done, ASICRising happily says it has found a solution to this problem: an energy-efficient, low-voltage chip that together with specific

    · August 16, 2014 · 5:31 am
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    Mine 4 Life: ASIC Mining for Charity!

    Mine 4 Life is a charity event, with a cryptocurrency twist. All proceeds will be sent to Saint Judes, a hospital where they offer their services at no charge. Truly a charitable cause. 1. What sparked the idea of Mine 4 Life? This was the brain child of seeing charities of a great cause in need of financial backing, and a way to help with the use of crypto currencies. I didn’t see anything near

    · August 2, 2014 · 5:22 am
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    Spondoolies-Tech SP-10 Dawson Review + Video

      The first time we heard about Spondoolies-Tech was at the 2014 Amsterdam conference. I had a chance to talk to the company leaders and ask about their product. You can find the interview that was made with them below. [youtube id=”FYtAdUJTdHw” mode=”normal” align=”center”] The mining hardware provider sector is getting bigger and bigger. People are not risking to pre order as their trust have been vanished because of scam companies, failed deliveries or used

    · July 3, 2014 · 11:00 am
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    2$ / GH/s? Yes, it is possible with CloudHashing…

    CloudHashing, the first cloud Bitcoin mining company in the world, is further strengthening their market leadership by offering a record price for hashing power. “Our recent merger with the advanced hardware manufacturer HighBitCoin to form the company PeerNova allows us to do things no one else can in regards to volume of hashing power and price point,” said Lukas Gilkey of CloudHashing. PeerNova’s new PetaOne Blade features a custom 28nm chip with an industry leading power efficiency

    · June 24, 2014 · 8:26 am
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    BitBurner XX – Bitcoin mining hardware – hands on

    This is the story of a Mining Group – respecting their privacy no names or places will be mentioned. We are aiming to write miner reviews to help you with your choice. Last april there was something in the air. A groupbuy was organized by Sebastian JU, which directed our attention towards the first generation of Avalon chips. At this point nobody suspected there was going to be a huge delay. Hoping for the best,

    · December 22, 2013 · 6:40 pm