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    Why Every Investor Should Be Looking at Cryptocurrency

    Bitcoin investors rejoice as the cryptocurrency beat all global fiat currencies yet again in 2016. Cryptocurrency trading can provide a couple of advantages for investors over conventional trading as economists tend to distort traditional markets, whether intentionally or not.  Note: this article is an op-ed. Reality vs. Economists’ Perception Investors believed in the dismal science of economic analyses and ratings like religious zealots. Often, the economists’ views on the markets surfaced as meticulous mathematical outputs and philosophies. But

    · December 18, 2016 · 2:00 am
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    The Vanbex Report: The Future of Fintech

    The Vanbex Report is a periodic summary of the blockchain industry’s top news stories from the biggest companies, as well as the most promising newcomers. Feb. 29, 2016 — Fintech, fintech, fintech. The portmanteau spanned headlines around the world this past week, as it has the past couple of years or so. Also Read: J.P. Morgan Lays Out Its Technology Plans Fintech Future Bright Fintech refers to financial technology and applies to a segment of

    · February 29, 2016 · 1:00 pm