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    News Summary: 10/26 – 11/2

    Replacing Mt Gox? Kraken launches exchange in Japan A write up by Marco Pineda, Kraken in the past was an excellent exchange exclusive to the United States and Europe. With complete abidance with laws and regulations from organizations like the Financial Services Authority,  they are confident with their launch in Japan as well as keeping stability in operations abroad. As Kraken did launch right after the crash of Mt. Gox, it’s only fitting that Kraken

    · November 3, 2014 · 2:42 am
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    News Summary 10/19 – 10/26

    What is DPOS? This week, Bitcoinist has published two excellent articles on the topic of DPOS, or delegated Proof of Stake. Both written by Alberto Mata, DPOS is a new feature that Bitshares is talking about, which they believe solves problems of both proof or work and proof of stake systems alike, adding another layer of security by countering the negative effects of trust centralization. One fact that is pointed out however is that it

    · October 26, 2014 · 9:52 pm
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    News Summary: 10/12 – 10/19

    Ross Ulbricth Stands Trial! Most famously know for being the alleged mastermind behind the Silk Road, will be going to trial next month. To briefly summarize things, Ross defenses challenges to FBI’s acquisition of the server in the first place on top of other things have all been rejected so Ross is slated to stand trial on November 3rd, 2014 on 7 charges. For more information , read the article written by Alberto Mata here.

    · October 13, 2014 · 4:51 pm
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    News Summary September 29- October 6th

    Bitcoin Ebay? A new Chinese commerce platform is rising that may become a Bitcoin Ebay. Known as Coin Cola, Coin Cola is a cryptocurrency trading platform based on multisig technology and is designed to keep buyers and sellers safe with this. Read the full article here. Bitnation: Decentralized Government It was eventually going to happen, someone or something making a government based on the blockchain. This “something” is known as Bitnation. Compared to traditional governments,

    · October 7, 2014 · 4:52 pm
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    News Summary: September 21st – September 27th

    Bitcoin Paypal and Bitcoin! A compelling read by Nuno, Paypal has finally delivered on its word after what seems now like weeks of teasing acceptance of Bitcoin. Finally Paypal has signed a partnership with popular Bitcoin processors such as BitPay, Coinbase and Gocoin. It first started with people using Braintree able to accept Bitcoin, now it’s people using Paypal’s Payment Hub for digital goods which in turn may mean you could purchase your favorite steam

    · September 25, 2014 · 5:50 pm
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    Just what the heck is an ICO?

    Initial Coin offering? Initial Crowdfunding offering? Initial Crypto Offering? Who cares you just want to fund your new project, right? You can get a loan, sure. Although for some that isn’t even an option and even if it was putting interest to work against you can be a dangerous proposition, especially before your idea has gotten off the ground. You can get your friends and family to invest but this also assumes you have a

    · September 17, 2014 · 1:21 pm
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    News Summary: September 7th – September 13th

    The Bit Drop: Bring Bitcoin to Dominica! If you don’t what the Bit Drop is, essentially it is a event sponsored by Coinapult , which we have interview before, Aspen Assurance, and Bitcoin Beauties just to name a few. On 3/14/15 at 9:26 a.m, Dominica will send Bitcoin to every resident via SMS some Bitcoin, over 70,000 strong. Not only has it made news in the Bitcoin community, it has also made news in some

    · September 13, 2014 · 2:56 am
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    News Summary: August 31 – September 6

     Interview with Hash Profit team! As Nuno goes more in depth about in this article, cloud mining is becoming an increasingly popular option for miners, veterans and people new to the game alike, as the difficulty of mining increases, with subsequently the cost of entry rising as well. In the interview, Hash Profit team goes over mining operations, hardware used, etc. Full article can be read here. Bills Ninja: Pay Bills with Bitcoin! Coming from

    · September 6, 2014 · 2:13 am
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    News Summary: August 24-30

    NXT Lost, Hacker stole 8.3 million NXT! A story of how hackers stole quite a lot of NXT from the popular exchange BTER. The total amount is 8.3 million NXT, with CFA Consulting leading the manhunt. Read the full article here. Shadowcoin Developer Interview! Shadowcoin is one of more well known private centric coins. Read my article to find out why they are worth your time. World’s first Virtual Bitcoin Expo! Bitcoinist did an write

    · August 28, 2014 · 11:59 pm
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    News Summary: August 17- 23

    Coinbatch: Mexican Bitcoin Exchange! Recently, I was able to interview some people over at Coinbatch. They are planing to launch a way to buy and sell bitcoins in Mexico, where they believe it could really be impacted by Cryptocurrency. Read the full report here. Interview with Olivier Janssens Most famously know for his $100,000 offer for a Bitcoin Foundation alternative , Bitcoinist was lucky enough to snag an interview him. The full interview is located

    · August 19, 2014 · 11:15 pm
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    News Summary: August 10th – August 16th

    Interview with Xapo! I had the opportunity to sit down and talk with Xapo, the a Bitcoin debit card. With achievements like $20 million of funding, you know its bound to be something big.  It essentially works as a Visa debit card, but it can be funded via Bitcoin. If you missed the interview, it can be read here. I in fact was accepted into the early access program, and can’t wait for the final release

    · August 10, 2014 · 10:43 pm
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    News Round up: August 3rd – August 9th

    Russian plans to ban Crypto! Russia is planing on banning the use of cryptocurrency or “money substitutes and value transmitters”. They are also considering putting criminal responsibilities onto companies and people who use said currencies in operations. It seems that even though nothing has been finalized, Bitcoin prices have taken a toll, briefly hitting $550. Read the full report here, by Nuno Menezes. Cloakcoin Interview about PoSA If you been watching the markets, you would have

    · August 4, 2014 · 12:36 am
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    News Summary: July 27 – June 2

    Merging Mexico Peso with Blockchain? Mexico may become the first country to  have their currency integrated into the Blockchain. This shows how quickly peoples mind can change, as this follows a central bank statement in March about how Bitcoin can be risky, and potential drawbacks and limitations of it when it comes to being used as a substitution for legal tender. One of the driving factors of this change of heart is I believe, the remittance

    · July 27, 2014 · 7:21 pm
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    News Summary: July 6- 12

    Bitcoin approaches 10k? According to this image taken from a reddit post a trade was made on the exchange CampBX in the BTC/USD market, where someone bought Bitcoin(s) for the price of $9799, then dropping back to $800, and slowly regressing back to the normal price of around $660 currently at time of writing. No one knows why the trade went through in the first place, but many on reddit are speculating that it was

    · July 7, 2014 · 4:59 am