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    Can Blockchain Save Movies from Online Piracy?

    A new startup claims that blockchain technology and cryptocurrency can save movies from online piracy, but is this realistic? There are a lot of banes that the film industry has to contend with, such as negative reviews, diva actors, and spoilers. However, one of the largest thorns is the huge amount of online piracy of movies that are currently playing in the theater or just recently left. TaTaTu, a new blockchain-based platform co-founded by Hollywood

    · May 8, 2018 · 11:00 pm
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    India Plans to Enforce Internet Censorship With 3 Years Jail Time

    India has expanded their draconian internet copyright and media enforcement policies from DNS filtering banned IPs, to enforcing those bans with up to 3 years jail time and up to a $4500 USD fine for attempting to visit a blocked site. Said enforcement is facilitated with assistance from Indian ISPs Read Also: Secure Boot Hack is a Good Thing: Here’s Why India Lets John Doe Go Too Far Many sites are blocked in India at

    · August 21, 2016 · 10:25 pm