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    ShadowCash: A lot happening!

    Since our last interview and the released of Shadowsend, Shadowcoin has been staying true to their development road map and has recovered amidst the argument between Shadowcoin and Stealthcoin. I’m here again with the Shadow team to talk about their new html5 wallet, along with what the future holds. 1. Since we lasted chatted, how have things been? Things have been great, thanks for asking! We’ve been really busy strengthening our core foundations to support

    · October 15, 2014 · 12:56 am
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    News Summary: August 24-30

    NXT Lost, Hacker stole 8.3 million NXT! A story of how hackers stole quite a lot of NXT from the popular exchange BTER. The total amount is 8.3 million NXT, with CFA Consulting leading the manhunt. Read the full article here. Shadowcoin Developer Interview! Shadowcoin is one of more well known private centric coins. Read my article to find out why they are worth your time. World’s first Virtual Bitcoin Expo! Bitcoinist did an write

    · August 28, 2014 · 11:59 pm
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    Shadow Coin Developer Interview

    A rising coin with a becoming more popular centric of privacy, is Shadowcoin. I was able to talk to the main developer over at Shadowcoin, and here’s is what he had to say. 1. What is Shadow’s end goal? To establish Shadow as the ultimate P2P privacy solution for anything web-related – the anti-Google if you will. Anonymity is our primary focus, so we want people to be able to talk, shop, browse and publish

    · August 28, 2014 · 11:46 pm