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    ZipZap: Exclusive Interview

    ZipZap first started out as a network for consumers to make payments with convenience. Now ZipZap has announced that they have raised a $1,000,000, with the main focus of strengthening their network for digital currencies. If you would like to know more about this, Marco did a quick write up of the topic, read it here. 1. What sparked the idea of ZipZap? ZipZap was born from an idea to provide a cash payment option for

    · August 2, 2014 · 5:12 pm
  • Bitcoin, Bitcoin Businesses, Companies, Interviews, Start-Ups

    Interview with ZipZap CEO Alan Safahi

    Firstly, what’s ZipZap? ZipZap is a payment network through which people can buy bitcoins with cash and some other payment methods. Personally, any way to spread bitcoin to more people is great in every way, and more so when you give them easier ways to access bitcoin. From the website, it says that the team behind ZipZap expects digital currency to reduce poverty, create jobs, improve healthcare, and a couple more. I was able to

    · July 10, 2014 · 8:08 am