Reading: 21 Marketplace Now Offers Paid APIs For Bitcoin


21 Marketplace Now Offers Paid APIs For Bitcoin

Jp Buntinx · @ | Apr 02, 2016 | 07:39

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21 Marketplace Now Offers Paid APIs For Bitcoin

Jp Buntinx · @ | Apr 02, 2016 | 07:39

21 Inc is one of the companies active in the world of Bitcoin and digital currency who keep bringing additional services and platforms to the table. Ever since the development of their Bitcoin Computer, 21 Inc has been focusing on the software side of things. Their latest project lets users buy several dozen API’s with Bitcoin, as the 21 Marketplace has expanded even further.

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21 Marketplace Expands Products

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Accessing the 21 Marketplace requires users to own either a Bitcoin Computer, or early access to the company’s free client. A few people are currently testing the free 21 Bitcoin Library, and signing up for future updates might grant users early access to the platform. No official release date has been announced at the time of publication.

That being said, the 21 Marketplace now lets users buy over 50 paid APIs in exchange for Bitcoin. Unlike other platforms where traditional payment options are supported, there is no need for credit card details, signing up to the services, or using a particular API key to begin with. All in all, this solution is far more convenient than other types of online marketplace offerings that do not use Bitcoin.

Among the paid API offerings are solutions to grab media headlines from various sources, converting between different file types online, or even create own combinations with all of these various APIs. The principal purpose of this offering is to give aspiring developers access to a wide variety of tools in exchange for Bitcoin, and more paid APIs will be added to the 21 Marketplace over time. In fact, anyone who has developed their API can put it up for sale on the 21 Marketplace too, thanks to the publish feature.

Purchasing access to these paid API’s can be done in a variety of ways, although more experienced users will do so through the command line. Do keep in mind the wallet on the Bitcoin Computer will need to have a tiny amount of funds in it before making a purchase, though. Another option is to buy an API through a program, such as the Python code shown in this Medium post.

The only limitation to this offering is the user’s imagination. All in all, the wide variety of offerings allows anyone to cobble together these paid APIs and implement Bitcoin along the way as well. Since the rise of mobile platforms and apps, there is a growing demand for API access, and Bitcoin can play an integral part in that process.

What are your thoughts on these paid APIs in the 21 Marketplace? What type of project would you cobble together? Let us know in the comments below!

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