Himadri Saha

5 bitcoin data points

5 Bitcoin Data Points you Need to Know Right Now

Predictions forecasting future stance of bitcoin and crypto markets always make headlines. But what do the facts and data say? Blockchain analytics firm IntoTheBlock has come out with...

Himadri Saha | 9 months ago
bogus bitcoin price calls
Bitcoin Price

Were ‘Bitcoin Price Predictions by 2019 End’ Any Good?

Technological breakthroughs may be keeping the bitcoin and crypto ecosystem alive. But the price is still the most important factor driving retail and institutional investor interest...

Himadri Saha | 9 months ago
crypto donations IRS

IRS Says Charity Crypto Donations Must be Declared

Recently, the US government’s revenue service, the IRS made a few changes to its set of FAQs on crypto assets. Charity organizations that are generally exempted from tax...

Himadri Saha | 9 months ago
4chan bitcoin price prediction
Bitcoin Price

Bitcoin Wizard Called $29k by Feb this Year, Will it Happen?

It’s 2020 already, and bitcoin’s price is still wallowing in the $7000 – $8000 range. However, one prediction from an anonymous 4chan account says that things are...

Himadri Saha | 9 months ago
bitcoin price slow growth
Bitcoin Price

Why is Bitcoin Price Growing Slower and Slower?

The potential short-term and long-term growth prospects of bitcoin can be gauged from the ongoing price activity. BTC price is facing increasing resistance on its way up. Volatility is...

Himadri Saha | 9 months ago
craig wright bitcoin price
Bitcoin Price

Bitcoin Price: $1 Million BTC Will Not Happen, According to CSW

Craig Wright is back with his ‘priceless’ bitcoin comments. This time he chose Christmas to share his opinion on BTC’s future price action. Mr. Faketoshi thinks that...

Himadri Saha | 9 months ago
NEO 2020 winning crypto

This Crypto Asset Other than Bitcoin Could be 2020’s Winner

Ranked 19 on the crypto assets leaderboard, NEO is also known as the Chinese version of Ethereum. Although being 96 percent down from it’s an all-time high of ~$200, the token...

Himadri Saha | 9 months ago
ripple xrp adoption
Altcoin News

Ripple Secures $200 Million to Increase XRP Adoption

It seems Ripple is pretty serious about pushing XRP adoption in a massive way. The San Francisco based fintech firm announced a $200 million funding on Thursday for the same.  Ripple...

Himadri Saha | 9 months ago
PNC bank vs fintech firm venmo

When Will Fintech Firm Venmo and PNC Bank Settle their Scuffle

Customers of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania based bank holding company and financial services corporation PNC are having a tough time. But why? It has become exceedingly difficult to connect...

Himadri Saha | 9 months ago
binance chain stablecoin

Africa’s First Stablecoin is Built on Binance Chain

Africa’s first stablecoin, the Africa Stable-Coin(ABCD) is backed by Nigeria’s national currency, the Naira. Also, the fiat-backed crypto is built on Binance’s native...

Himadri Saha | 9 months ago
BTC in nigeria very famous
Bitcoin Acceptance

Bitcoin Usage in Nigeria Surging Despite Govt. Caveats

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has warned that bitcoin and digital currencies are not legal tenders but Nigerians don’t seem to care.  Bitcoin Adoption Rising Despite Apex...

Himadri Saha | 9 months ago
bitcoin price bullish outlook
Bitcoin Price

Bitcoin Price Headed For $20k – $25k Zone Next Year: Analyst

The crypto market has been a disappointment lately. Lackluster bitcoin price action has intensified overall selling activity. But things are in for a welcome change, as BTC is expected...

Himadri Saha | 10 months ago

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