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Bloggers’ Club 500: 11 Bitcoins Paid out so Far


Bitcoin PR Buzz | Mar 08, 2016 | 15:00

Bloggers' Club 500 Altcoins

Bloggers’ Club 500: 11 Bitcoins Paid out so Far


Bitcoin PR Buzz | Mar 08, 2016 | 15:00


The Bloggers’ Club 500 is the latest project from the OBITS and BTSR initiatives, and it has recently reached a significant milestone. The Club reports that it has given out over 100 bitcoin worth of digital currency to its writers, who have contributed to the Club.

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Earning Passive Income in the Bloggers’ Club 500

OBITSThe Bloggers’ Club 500 lets bloggers from around the world write posts that promote new technologies and initiatives as a way to earn some crypto income. At press time, the top Club bloggers have been writers from a Japanese cryptocurrency magazine. At the time of the Club’s most recent payout, it had sent a total of 11 btc worth of digital currency, totaling around $4,500 USD.

The Club payouts are made with OBITS and BTSR. OBITS is “a kind of catch-all token,” representing revenues from projects connected with OBITS host, crypto-exchange CCEDK. BTSR is a token that represents a portion of the revenues from BitTeaser, a “crypto version” of Google AdSense.

The Bloggers’ Club 500 was created by OBITS founder CCEDK as a “special VIP club of bloggers.” The goal of the Club is to build a team of 500 “active and influential” bloggers to promote Bitshares and OpenLedgers, as well as future projects taken on by CCEDK.

The Club is still accepting new members for the time being. People who are admitted will become lifetime members of OpenLedger, allowing them to earn passive income from CCEDK projects.

To learn more and to sign up, please go to:

About Bitshares:

The BitShares platform on which Openledger is built is based on MIT-licensed Graphene blockchain technology.

Within the last few weeks, BitShares 2.0 has introduced its first ‘Fee Backed Asset’ that offers Private Transfers – and has also moved over to dramatically reduced transfer and trading fees thanks to the integrated governance structure on the blockchain.

Meanwhile, OpenLedger’s newest addition, the BTSR token, is attracting attention.

The BitTeaser programme is still in pre-sale stages, with a crowdsale starting on March 11. It’s a bright time to get involved in new technologies and disruptive new models of business with the Sharing Economy.

To find out more about the Bloggers’ Club 500, and to sign up please go to:

To learn more about the BTSR token please go to:

To learn more about OBITS please go to:

To learn more about OpenLedger please go to:

To view the OpenLedger tutorial video please go to:

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