Bitcoin Exchange

The number of bitcoin exchanges is forever increasing as the digital asset grows in popularity. With such an overwhelming choice it is becoming a challenge to determine the good from the bad. Security is a big concern for many as hacks and breeches are becoming more commonplace. Bitcoin exchanges also vary in terms of fees, spreads and commissions charged for buying and selling BTC. The larger ones have lower fees as they operate on greater volumes. They may also have larger reserves for compensation in the event of a theft or technical error resulting in the loss of customer’s bitcoin. Different countries will have differing regulations with regards to the operation of bitcoin exchanges. Most of them now have strict KYC (know your customer) and AML (anti-money laundering) requirements which means users need to prove their identification. Bitcoinist only deals with the most reputable bitcoin exchanges and will only report the facts on any news relating to them. In the not too distant future there are likely to be as many bitcoin exchanges as there are banks so we will be keeping up with the latest news and updates from them.

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