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The number of bitcoin exchanges is forever increasing as the digital asset grows in popularity. With such an overwhelming choice it is becoming a challenge to determine the good from the bad. Security is a big concern for many as hacks and breeches are becoming more commonplace.

Bitcoin exchanges also vary in terms of fees, spreads and commissions charged for buying and selling BTC. The larger ones have lower fees as they operate on greater volumes. They may also have larger reserves for compensation in the event of a theft or technical error resulting in the loss of customer’s bitcoin.

Different countries will have differing regulations with regards to the operation of bitcoin exchanges. Most of them now have strict KYC (know your customer) and AML (anti-money laundering) requirements which means users need to prove their identification.

Bitcoinist only deals with the most reputable bitcoin exchanges and will only report the facts on any news relating to them. In the not too distant future there are likely to be as many bitcoin exchanges as there are banks so we will be keeping up with the latest news and updates from them.

Coinup crypto exchange CEO jailed for 16 years

South Korean Crypto Exchange CEO Jailed For 16 Years

Senior executives at a South Korean crypto exchange have been indicted in connection with a $386 million investment fraud. The news marks yet another drastic action taken by...

Osato Avan-Nomayo | 10 hours ago
3 reasons NEO is pumping right now
Bitcoin Exchange

Bitcoin Deposits on Coinbase will now Require only Three...

Coinbase has just released a new announcement, stating that it will reduce the number of confirmation requirements for four crypto assets on its platform. The United States’...

Ali Raza | 4 days ago
binance dex on trezor
Emerging Markets

Binance DEX Can now be Accessed on Trezor Crypto Wallet

Binance DEX will now be available on the Trezor wallet, opening a new doorway for trading crypto assets. This also expands the presence of Binance as a hub for all crypto-related...

Christine Vasileva | 5 days ago
asian bitcoin exchange dominate btc flow
Bitcoin Exchange

Asian Bitcoin Exchanges Dominate BTC Flow as Tether Slams...

Asia has always been at the forefront of the bitcoin and crypto trading. The US has been too busy tripping over its regulatory feet to keep up this year while the nations of the Far...

Martin Young | 5 days ago
binance crypto standard
Bitcoin Exchange

Is Binance Trying to Become the Crypto Standard for the World?

Crypto exchange Binance has taken some major steps in setting new standards for cryptocurrency services. Adding support for the Ukrainian national currency, signing a memorandum of...

Anatol Antonovici | 6 days ago
bithumb india blockchain partnership
Bitcoin Exchange

Bithumb Seeking Indian Partner for its Blockchain Platform

Prominent Korean crypto exchange, Bithumb, has plans to create a new blockchain platform, and it is currently searching for Indian partners to collaborate with. Bithumb is coming to...

Ali Raza | 6 days ago
hong kong cryptocurrency exchange regulation
Bitcoin Regulation

Crypto Exchange Regulations are Coming to Hong Kong

Financial regulators in Hong Kong will introduce clear cut rules to govern the operations of cryptocurrency exchanges. Meanwhile, reports show that fund managers continue to struggle...

Osato Avan-Nomayo | 7 days ago
bitmex email leak
Bitcoin Exchange

Leaked Emails From BitMEX Lead to Compromised Accounts

Compromised accounts have been traced using email addresses exposed in the recent BitMEX leak. An already known email address was allegedly used to work out login credentials to gain...

Christine Vasileva | 1 week ago
Bitcoin 2017 surge caused by single entity

Bitcoin 2017 Surge Caused By Single Entity: Bloomberg

Last year, two academics concluded that the Bitcoin rally in 2017, when the cryptocurrency hit the all-time high, was caused by manipulation. Now the research authors figured out that...

Anatol Antonovici | 1 week ago
BitMEX email leak
Bitcoin Exchange

BitMEX Email Leak: Details of 23,000 Doxxed Emails Now Out

With a leak of at least 23,000 emails, the recent BitMEX email leak was much heavier than expected. An inadvertent message that included lists of emails made the rounds last week...

Christine Vasileva | 1 week ago
huobi to freeze US crypto accounts
Bitcoin Exchange

Crypto Exchange Huobi to Freeze US User Accounts by Mid-November

Singapore based crypto exchange Huobi is set to freeze accounts controlled by US residents in an effort to crack down on those individuals violating the User Agreement, according to a...

Matthew Hrones | 2 weeks ago
Binance issues warning as Bitmex leaks emails
Bitcoin Exchange

Binance Issues Warning After BitMEX Mass Email Leak

Binance has told its customers to take precautions as BitMEX announces a mass leak of its users email addresses from an internal error.  BitMEX Displays Private Data in Mass Email...

Anatol Antonovici | 2 weeks ago

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