Bitcoin Debit Card

Bitcoin debit cards are a relatively new offering in the rapidly expanding digital asset and payments industry. In essence they are debit cards that can be preloaded with bitcoin, when used at a store that accepts one the balance is deducted in BTC from your crypto wallet. Merchants will get paid in their chosen currency while you will pay in BTC. There is usually a minor fee associated with the transaction as there is with traditional credit cards or currency exchanges. Bitcoin does not actually issue the debit card because nobody controls it. At the moment there are not that many vendors that will accept bitcoin debit cards but in time that number will grow as they gain in popularity. Bitcoinist endeavors to list only the best bitcoin debit cards enabling you to make the most informed choice. There are a number already on the market including one from leading crypto exchange Coinbase. Singaporean fintech firm has its own bitcoin debit card and there is one from Bitpay and Wirex. Our researchers will only recommend the best bitcoin debit cards from the most reputable firms and with the lowest fees.

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