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CleverCoin Incubated by Boost VC: Exclusive interview

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CleverCoin Incubated by Boost VC: Exclusive interview


CleverCoin allows easy, transparent, and secure exchanging of Bitcoins. Originating in 2013, the entire exchange was developed and is currently maintained under its own management. Over the last year, Clevercoin has been improving and growing.

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Paul Buitink

Catching the attention of many people, Boost VC decided to select Clevercoin to work with. I had the opportunity to talk to Paul Buitink, marketing manager over at CleverCoin, regarding this new and exciting headline.

Describe to me what services CleverCoin provides. 

CleverCoin is a European exchange based in The Netherlands with a banking and payment partner in France. We therefore offer more reliable jurisdictions than most other European competitors. Furthermore we’re very simple to use, provide great pricing and offer several payment methods like iDEAL, SEPA, Visa and MasterCard.

What makes CleverCoin different from other Bitcoin exchanges in Europe?

 Simpler than most exchanges and based in Western Europe. We also have great features like credit card payments and for example a letter service in which we send a letter to a customer instead of asking for a proof of residence during verification. And of course we focus on being very secure as well with things like 2 factor authentication and cold storage.

 Can you elaborate on your new relationship with Boost VC?

Boost VC has selected us to be part of their accelerator programme. This allows us to work in San Mateo, US, a few months and expand our network dramatically. Plus the Draper family has invested in CleverCoin allowing us to grow even faster.

Through the partnership, how are you planning on developing CleverCoin with what you gain from Boost?

Boost lets us meet key industry players and financiers through which we can expand our growth and fulfil our mission to become the biggest European exchange. We work closely together with some of fastest growing bitcoin companies of the world, mentored by very experienced VC’s and CEO’s from companies like Bitgo, Circle and Box.

Why do you think CleverCoin was chosen by Boost VC to be incubated?

We’ve shown healthy growth since we opened our doors in September of 2014. Already we have more than 6000 registered users and a growing order book and volume. They like how innovative we are and the marketing approach we have.

What security measures are taken to protect customers Bitcoins? 

We implemented 2 factor authentication, cold storage and much more. Read more about our security here.

Any possible chance of expanding into the US or Asia?

For now we focus on Europe, but in the more distant future we’d love to service people from other continents as well!

Venture Capitalism funds are flowing into Bitcoin at an impressive rate, showing the confidence that investors have in Bitcoin companies and indirectly the potential that Bitcoin has. CleverCoin is just one of the few companies that are being chosen to lead the first wave of Bitcoin companies to the mainstream.

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Do you use Clevercoins services? What do you think of them? Let us know in the comments below!

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