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CoinRoyale Proves that Bitcoin is the Best Bet for Gamblers


CoinRoyale Proves that Bitcoin is the Best Bet for Gamblers


Though CoinRoyale is not the only Bitcoin casino, it is definitely a contender for the top spot in terms of providing a high-end gambling experience. This Bitcoin-based casino is such a good bet for players that in a very short span of time, its popularity has exploded.

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Bitcoin Gambling CoinRoyaleBrick-and-mortar casinos are facing a tough challenge from online competitors, which have become even more fierce since the emergence of Bitcoin. This digital currency offers several advantages to online gambling companies, including:

  • Quicker processing times (instant deposits and withdrawals)
  • The currency and its infrastructure provide players with greater privacy i.e. an email address is all they need to create an account
  • No payment processing costs, and it eliminates the risk of credit card fraud
  • Complete control over the security of your funds

Lower Overhead, Benefits Passed on to Players

Online casinos that use Bitcoin have lower, overhead which allows them to offer more favorable odds. Though Bitcoin casinos have their own unique expenses like licensing fees or special taxes, they still are better-placed against the traditional casinos. CoinRoyale passes the profits from its lower overhead to players and promises provably fair, 100% safe and secure and fast cashouts for players. Last but not least, excellent customer care service from the Bitcoin casino has been a unique selling proposition.

Answering a question regarding the company’s inspiration, Mitch of CoinRoyale says that the creators of the site have been a part of the Bitcoin world from the very beginning. He notes that back in the day there were only so many Bitcoin casinos to play at, and they were discouraged with what they saw, feelnig that they could create a better experience for the player. According to Mitch, CoinRoyale has come a long way since its launch, and will continue to get better.

As it is evident that CoinRoyale has lower operational costs, it passes the benefits to the players in the form of lower odds. Thus, no matter where the players look –online or off –there’s no better bet for gamblers than Bitcoin casinos. Talking about the features that set CoinRoyale apart from the competition, Mitch says:

“First and foremost, the quality and playability of the games that offers is second to none. Built from scratch, the creators took everything that they liked and didn’t like from the competition and put that into I think it’s quite obvious the second that you start playing one of our games that you’ll notice the difference. Secondly, our dedication to our customer base is unmatched. Our customer support team are all highly active in the Bitcoin casino and forum world themselves. They understand the needs of our players. A lot of what has been put into our games comes from our players. I think many of our competitors get too caught up with what’s right for the company as opposed to what’s right for the player.”

The Security of Bitcoin Deposits from Players

CoinRoyale employs industry-leading security practices to keep players’ funds safe. For instance, all deposited funds are sent directly to an offline cold-wallet, out of reach of potential hackers. Additionally, as the online hot-wallet from the casino contains only enough Bitcoins to process a day’s worth of transactions, and is replenished on a daily basis, players can stay assured about the security of their deposits.

CoinRoyale also gives advice on where and how to buy Bitcoin, telling customer that they need to hold their Bitcoin in an online and buy the currency from established companies like Circle, ANXBTC, and Coin.Mx. Deposits and withdrawals are easy, as players can easily send Bitcoin from their online wallet to CoinRoyale’s address Similarly, players can withdraw an amount using their Bitcoin wallet.

Whereas the minimum deposit amount has been put at 0.001 BTC, there is no maximum deposit amount. Additionally, there is a minimum withdrawal amount of 0.001 BTC, with no maximum amount. All deposits are processed instantly. Mitch promises that the Bitcoin casino is also focusing on launching new games and a brand new Player Rewards program that he knows the players will love.

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