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Crowdfunding Just Got Easier With the New Tindr App

Smartphone app Tindr makes crowdfunding easier News

Crowdfunding Just Got Easier With the New Tindr App


In today’s wonderful age of the internet and tech, just about any type of matchmaking site or app you can dream up is out there…just a few clicks away. You can connect with millions of different people from all parts of the world in search of whatever or whomever you desire. You can find anything from a new spouse, a date with a vampire, or just someone to watch Fluffy while you’re away. For those looking to make your business financing dreams come true, there’s an app for that, called Tendr.

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The new app, launched just last month in the UK, has been coined the “Tinder-for-investors”. Tendr is helping startups and investors find their perfect match by aggregating content from the top crowdfunding platforms in the UK. The app already has 2,400 active users and has facilitated 200,000 interactions.

Tindr app

With Tendr, you can browse the profiles of crowdfunding campaigns from your smartphone device and instantly connect with startups. The app allows likes, dislikes, and social shares as well.

Lex Deak, Tendr founder and CEO: “The essence of any investment opportunity can be captured in a relatively short soundbite, such as ‘Facebook for dogs, closes on Wednesday, 90pc funded, Warren Buffett is in.’” He adds, “Discovery is the most important part of the process, and the Tinder-style format is a nice way of displaying it. We want to become the Moneysupermarket of alternative investments.”

Currently, the Tendr app is free to download on iTunes or Google Play. However, Lex Deak says this may not be the case forever. He hints there is a possibility that users will be charged a commission on successful investments in the future.

The Rise of Crowdfunding

For businesses and startups, getting funding from banks is not so easy these days. Therefore, people are thinking outside the box to get the cash flow they need. Nicola Horlick is the creator of Money&Co, a crowdfunding site launched last year. She explains why crowdfunding is on the rise: “Crowdfunding is all about cutting out the middle man and allowing small businesses to get the funding they need without banks taking a slice of their margins in fees from when firms take out business loans. For savers, these ventures offer the potential for much greater returns.” (The Telegraph)

Crowdfunding and FinTech also go hand in hand. As FinTech services and apps increase, so do the opportunities for crowdfunding. Thanks to this invaluable technology, it is easier than ever before to fund a business or invest in someone else’s.

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Source: The Telegraph

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