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DNotes Hosts Kickstarter to Promote Co-Founder’s Book


Bitcoin PR Buzz | May 07, 2016 | 12:47

Dnotes Altcoins

DNotes Hosts Kickstarter to Promote Co-Founder’s Book


Bitcoin PR Buzz | May 07, 2016 | 12:47


DNotes is hosting a Kickstarter campaign to promote co-founder Alan Yong’s book, The Four Pillars of Business Success, as part of their “Small Business Week” celebration.

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DNotesIn celebration of “Small Business Week,” DNotes recognized “the many contributions made by America’s entrepreneurs and small business leaders.” Yong has high regard for the country’s business leaders, saying, “Too often in both politics and entertainment culture, our small business and entrepreneurial pioneers fail to receive the recognition they deserve.” Yong continued, “That’s a true shame, and especially when you consider that these small businesses are responsible for roughly two-thirds of America’s actual job growth each and every year.

Yong comes from a background of business, earning a reputation of being a “business leader, technological futurist, and a true visionary.”

Now, the DNotes co-founder wishes to help other entrepreneurs achieve their own business goals.

According to the DNotes team, The Four Pillars of Business Success is being touted as a systems-based guide to holistically designing a company that can withstand the pressures caused by an ever-changing marketplace dynamic.”

The book’s Kickstarter campaign is set to last until Saturday, June 4, 2016 at 7:59 PM EDT, with a goal of raising at least $5,000 USD.

The Kickstarter page features comments from readers of the book, who have positive things to say about Yong’s project. Ashley Eldridge says:

“At its core, this book provides a road map to success for any aspiring Entrepreneur. If I took the time to read and implement the ideas presented in this book, I would probably be able to retire today. It is written in a clear no-nonsense format that provides direction in a way that is applicable to any type of business. There would be far fewer failures if more small business start-ups read and understood this book. I cannot recommend it highly enough. My combination of business ventures would have benefited at just about every level. My business incorporated retail, wholesale and service departments and each would have fared much better had I incorporated the ideas found in this text. Just to be clear, my businesses were not failing, but they were not living up to their real potential.”

The campaign features multiple pledge options with various rewards, ranging from a simple $5 donation to a $2,495 contribution that earns backers 10 hard cover copies of the book, as well as a “1-4 hour workshop presented at your business or organization.”

At press time, the project has received 7 backers, contributing a total of $648. To participate in DNotes’ crowdfunding campaign, visit their kickstarter page.

About DNotes and Alan Yong

DNotes co-founder Alan Yong is a well-regarded visionary who established Dauphin Technology in 1988. DNotes is regarded as a “thought leader” in the cryptocurrency industry, with a digital currency noted for its consistent and reliable growth. DNotes has launched several innovative initiatives that actively engage women, young people, small businesses, workers, and others – effectively inviting the world to participate in the digital currency revolution.

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Media contact

Name: Alan Yong


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