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Exclusive Interview with Alexander Kent of Coinbelly


Exclusive Interview with Alexander Kent of Coinbelly


Coinbelly is a company focused on Bitcoin information; with a blockchain, news aggregator, and price charts, Bitcoin users will have no problem following transactions, Bitcoin price, or Bitcoin news. Coinbelly takes it one step further with their hardware wallet, allowing you to keep your Bitcoins safe. I’m here today with Alexander Kent from Coinbelly.  

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CIyB_5dUYAA2B2VCan you tell me what Coinbelly is trying to achieve?
Founded in 2014, Coinbelly builds solutions that provide valuable insights into the Blockchain for business intelligence. The areas of our expertise range from Blockchain analytics to Bitcoin end-user solutions such as mobile apps and a standalone Bitcoin hardware wallet.

Can you tell me more about the security measures taken to keep the Coinbelly hardware-wallet safe?
We apply a tiered security model. Arguably many security measures fail on software-wallets due to the risk of spyware or key-loggers, evident by the hundreds of different Bitcoin stealing malware variants in the wild. It’s relatively easy for malicious code to search and steal the “wallet.dat” file, as well as silently record all keystrokes to get the wallet’s password.

Therefore, our first line of defense is an encapsulated security architecture; we lowered the risk profile by decoupling the actual wallet from a user’s workstation / computer. To access the wallet, we employ industry standard encryption. The hardware wallet runs a hardened OS and is completely locked down, there is no access to the device outside of the web client and outside of your local-network.

What makes the Coinbelly hardware wallet different from other hardware wallets on the market?
With the growing popularity of Bitcoin, most hardware wallets on the market focus on portability. All of these devices, including their software based competitors have a role to play, however, with the Coinbelly hardware-wallet, we are implementing a full-blockchain wallet.

 What is the current status of development regarding the Coinbelly? Any ETA?
We have a working Coinbelly hardware-wallet prototype and are currently in the hardware/software testing and pricing phase. We are trying to keep the hardware components in a range that we believe would fit within most user’s comfort-zone.

How does the mobile app complement or supplement the Coinbelly device?
The Coinbelly mobile app for Apple iOS and Android is a companion intended to keep the user up to speed on the latest Bitcoin news, Bitcoin price quotes, and blockchain data.

Can you discuss the integration of Coinbelly into Amazon Echo? How was it done? What does it allow the Echo to do?

Amazon Echo is a voice command device from with functions including question answering, playing music and controlling smart devices. The Amazon Echo app was an opportunity for us to get a Bitcoin app out early on a new and promising platform. The Echo app, enables the user to ask informational questions regarding Bitcoin, things like the latest news, quotes etc.
How can Bitcoinist readers get in touch with you?

Block Explorer:
Thank you very much for the opportunity to introduce Coinbelly to your readers.

Best wishes,
The Coinbelly Team


What do you think? Amazon Echo users, are you intrigued by Coinbelly’s integration? Let us know in the comments below!

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