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Exclusive Interview with Troy Fearnow of CryptoArt


Exclusive Interview with Troy Fearnow of CryptoArt


While it was originally established in 2013, CryptoArt did not officially launch until March of 2014, making it about a year since CryptoArt has first opened their doors to the public.

BitcoinWhen talking to Troy Fearnow, Founder of CryptoArt, he mentioned that he had a background in finance as well as founding another website, Troy stated that CryptoArt was a way for him to combine his passion for art and his interest in Bitcoin.

What is Cryptoart, and what does it offer? publishes fine art wallets called CryptoArt.  CryptoArt is fine art that stores digital currency.  Our mission is to find exceptional artists and encourage them to comment on the cryptocurrency movement. We then use that imagery to publish limited edition fine art wallets.

Each CryptoArt edition comes in three sizes — all of which are hand assembled and published with the highest quality archival standards. “Crypto certs” are small 8.5″ x 11″ PhotoRag prints designed to be portable and traded.  The two larger sizes are crafted on German Etching and intended to be framed only.  All three sizes fit ready-made frames.

What is a paper wallet?


A paper wallet is one of the safest ways to store cryptocurrency offline.  A paper wallet contains a private key and a public address.  Bitcoin or other currencies can be sent to the wallet using the public address.  The currency can be later redeemed (or swept) with the private key.



What makes Cryptoarts paper wallets different?


Traditional paper wallets are not intended to be fine art or scarce. Like all collectibles, its value will ultimately be determined by supply and demand. It’s an interesting experiment because the utility should increase its demand beyond the inherent demand of its aesthetic merits. Additionally, the utility involves storing cryptocurrency, which itself has appreciative potential. So you have art, utility, and cryptocurrency all creating a highly interesting (and  leveraged) physical investment.

What currencies do you offer wallets for?

We currently offer CryptoArt for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Peercoin, and soon Darkcoin and Namecoin.

What do you have planned for the future?

Going forward, I want to work more closely with Bitcoin companies and coin creators to offer CryptoArt that highlights their Dogecoinbenefits.  The crypto space is fluid and full of innovation.  It feels appropriate that the Cryptoart we create should cover events and development in the industry.  As an example, soon we will be releasing Cryptoart that commemorates social tipping.  We worked with ChangeTip on this, and we hope to convey some of the merits and long-term implications of micropayments.  We have another piece in the works that will commemorate SXSW. Officials at SXSW really seem to be embracing Bitcoin.  They invited us to host a pop-gallery in the trade show.  Gemini, Ledger, and others will also be presenting at the event.

Paper wallets is an excellent way to keep Bitcoin in long-term storage disconnected from a PC, away from hackers and other malware or keyloggers. While most paper wallets have focused function over form, CryptoArt performs all the security expected from a paper wallet, as well as looking stylish.

For more information: CryptoArts Website

Photo Source: CryptoArt

Do you use paper wallets? Do you use CryptoArt? Let us know in the comments below!

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