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BTCDirect: Making International Bitcoin Exchange ‘as Fast as Possible’


Armaan Chandnani | Jan 27, 2016 | 10:35

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BTCDirect: Making International Bitcoin Exchange ‘as Fast as Possible’


Armaan Chandnani | Jan 27, 2016 | 10:35


BTCDirect has a very unique bitcoin exchange platform. Unlike other exchanges, BTCDirect does not own any bitcoin. Instead, it places a bitcoin order on an international exchange once it receives payment from a customer. The goal of this model is to make international bitcoin trading more straightforward, as other options create inconvenient difficulties for traders. 

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We interviewed BTCDirect CEO Mike Hutting in order to learn more about the company.



BTCDirect: A New Way to Exchange Bitcoin Internationally

How is BTCDirect any different than other exchanges out on the market?

We position ourselves as a ‘brokerage’, meaning that we execute the orders of our users on international bitcoin exchanges. These exchanges are usually not very user friendly, have limited payment options available and it can take quite some time before you are able to buy your first bitcoins there. We really put the interest of our users first and listen to their feedback. There is simply no other service around where you can sign up and activate an account, buy bitcoins with your credit card up to 1000€ per day and receive the bitcoins in your wallet all within a few minutes.

Speed and ease of use are the two things where we really distinguish ourselves from other services where you can buy and sell bitcoins.

Why is BTCDirect directing its attention to Spanish Bitcoin customers?

Month after month we were seeing more and more Spanish users on our website, even though we didn’t really target this market yet. This made us realize that there wasn’t really a service like ours active in Spain yet. Our Spanish users told us that they really appreciate the service we offer and that we should become more invested in the Spanish market, so after a few meetings we decided to go for it.

How will BTCDirect become the most used exchange for Spanish users?

For the first time bitcoin user, we simply offer the best service around. Our live support agents are available through most of the day to help you with the activation of your account and to guide you to the order process. Within a few weeks from now we hope to have added our first Spanish speaking staff members to our support team, again increasing the user friendliness of our platform.

When we helped our first Spanish users to buy bitcoins they were able to use the payment options ‘Sofortbanking’ and a regular SEPA bank transfer. But ofcourse most Spanish people prefer to use their credit cards for online purchases so we worked around the clock for several weeks to make this possible. Now we are one of the only companies around where you can buy bitcoins with your credit card, and we are most definitively the fastest.

Why use an account activation method through Skype? 

In order to keep our platform safe and to be compliant with EU legislation it’s important for us to identify our users. We were looking for ways to make this process as simply and fast as possible. The activation through a quick video call on Skype or via the live chat window on our website has proven to be the best possible method thus far. The number of new account activations and the feedback we receive from our users seem to confirm this. The call is usually finished in under a minute and the support agent that helped you with your activation will be there to guide you to the ordering process afterwards.

An important aspect of Bitcoin is anonymity. Why force people to expose themselves through a skype call?

The only option to buy anything in full anonymity is with cash and most certainly not online. So when buying something online with your bank account or with your credit card you shouldn’t have the illusion that you are anonymous in any way. For us to be able to provide this service at all we have to be compliant with legislation and therefore we have to identify our users. Luckily for us most of our users seem to understand this and have no problem with this whatsoever.

About anonymity, bitcoin transaction are not fully anonymous but pseudo anonymous. The public ledger itself is fully transparent and most transactions can be lead back to an actual person. People tend to focus on the anonymity aspect of bitcoin but this isn’t one of the most important features about bitcoin we believe. The most important aspects are speed, cross boarder transactions, the fact that you can be your own bank etc etc.We also are strong believers of the fact that bitcoin has an important function as a hedge to the current financial system. That was basically the most important reason to start BTC Direct in the first place.

What are crucial features offered by BTCDirect?

  • – Buy and sell bitcoins instantly
  • – Receive your bitcoins in under 2 minutes
  • – Wide range of payment methods
  • – Live support
  • – Proven track record
  • – Thousands of active users


BTCDirect aims to become the biggest exchange in international markets through their user-friendly platform, account security measures, customer support, and dedication to their customers. Definitely, a contender to rise as one of the better exchanges available to customers in international waters. Their vision for the future is simple and straightforward, allowing us to see a bright future for the exchange. Hopefully, accompanied by success.

For more information please visit BTCDirect’s website


Images courtesy of BTCDirect

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