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Raido Financial Announces New Updates and Prepares for the Launch


Bitcoinist | Oct 13, 2018 | 19:30

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Raido Financial Announces New Updates and Prepares for the Launch


Bitcoinist | Oct 13, 2018 | 19:30


A fintech company presents its MVP of Raido Exchange and releases wallets for Windows and Mac OS.

Raido Financial — a company that specializes in fintech solutions has released new updates that can possibly attract a new audience and raise the overall’s awareness of the project: since now, users can access an MVP to see and test the early features of a platform. Apart from that, it will clearly demonstrate the vision of the company. Users will also be able to make their own suggestions before an official launch of the exchange.

Apart from an exchange, Raido has also released new versions of their wallets with a full Windows and Mac OS support. The multicurrency wallets offer innovative solutions in the field of working with cryptocurrencies: its anonymous cross-platform solutions allow to safely store and exchange both crypto and fiat currency between each other with ease. Additionally, those wallets feature an option of money transfers and deposits – exactly what’s needed for professional trading.

There are wallets that support Alts and classic cryptocurrencies, there are exchanges that provide their users with coins and allow them to trade freely, then there are brokers and analysts that keep the track of all the events or news that occur globally that somehow may influence the price of a coin. And now imagine gathering all of those professionals in one place: this is going to be something that has never been done on this scale.

Filippos Konstantinidis — CEO of Raido Financial

More about Raido Financial

According to Raido, the mission of the project lays in the implication of the most efficient, comprehensive and secure tools for carrying out all needed crypto activities. The company aims at facilitating the process of operating with cryptocurrencies by any means necessary, so that any participant, regardless of his knowledge in Blockchain technology or crypto market, can easily use their platforms to maximize the profits.

The company accounts for several international specialists primarily from trading field, making this company head towards a global approach in crypto industry.

Benefits of Raido Financial:

  • High-technology and efficiency of operations
  • Processes of high-frequency queries and effective use of algorithmic and Machine Learning modules
  • Launch and effective management of new ICOs
  • Anonymous and secure operations with multiple currencies for B2C market players
  • Processing of merchants for tokens and plastic card emissions
  • Large crypto assets volume trading, using leverage and other tools on Raido Exchange
  • Legal and transparent trading activity for B2B and institutional market stakeholders
  • High-tech security system of financial assets for all the users of ecosystem

RF Token and Sales

Currently, Raido Financial is preparing the last touches to successfully launch the Pre-Sales which are set on November 15th, 2018. The Raido Financial Token (RF) will be issued in the amount of 86.25 million coins. A smart contract and tokens will be released based on the ERC20 standard (Ethereum blockchain).

RF token holders will be granted trading privileges in any elements of the Raido Financial ecosystem. In particular, investors can use tokens to pay for any services in the Raido Financial system, including trading fees, payments for withdrawal, listing of currencies, etc. The use of RF tokens gives the right to receive a discount depending on the time of participation in the system.

The total volume of tokens that will be issued is set to 86 250 000 tokens (86 250 ETH), and the initial price of a token on Pre-Sales is set to be 0.001 ETH. The limit of tokens for Pre-Sales will not exceed 7500 ETH, this will be the maximum Pre-Sale volume of tokens the investors could possibly purchase in the following round of sales.


To learn more about the company, please visit the website at:

Telegram Chat:


What are your thoughts on Raido’s new updates? Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments below!

Images courtesy of Raido Financial, Shutterstock.

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