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Step on the Consensus Side


Bitcoinist | Sep 18, 2018 | 15:00

Step on the Consensus side News

Step on the Consensus Side


Bitcoinist | Sep 18, 2018 | 15:00


Side-events of big conferences gradually conquer more attention than the main events. There is a number of reasons why this happens, but let’s take a closer look at the mechanics behind the process using the example of the biggest event in the industry — Consensus. One could confidently assume that most of the world of crypto would prove the Consensus’ significance. However, such a conviction has to have a strong argumentation behind it. Before we start, allow us to step aside and draw some parallels.   

Why Is Consensus important?

There are places everyone must attend. Kids are looking forward to visiting Disneyland, cinema-holics pray for watching a premiere in Palais des Festivals in Cannes, while blockchainers and financiers book hotels nearby the Consensus conference.

Disneyland gifts inexpressible emotions, Cannes festival provides a sacral cinematographic experience, while Consensus facilitates doing business with the absolute best in the industry.

As for the business and absolute best, on September 19th, myriad different types of attendees will come to Singapore to make the blockchain world move on. The extra goal is to satisfy their ambitions and find potential partners.

Consensus is so wide-scale and rumbling that there’s no chance to meet everyone you wish to meet. Usually, the dialogue from the conference transfers towards after parties and side events. Why?

Singapore Concensus Conference

Why Are Side-Events Useful?

First, they provide additional time for keeping the conversation on. Taking into consideration the number of attendees (about 7000-8000), apparently, one cannot cover all needed meetings within a 10-hour conference.

Second, the format of side-events allows avoiding the noise and formality of the conference. The venues for after parties are often chosen to create a more friendly and open atmosphere with drinks, foods, and music. This atmosphere lightens, and in some way improves, the no-nonsense talks.  

Third, the worth of this format is backed with the limited number of guests at after parties giving space to a communication without redundant and intrusive pitchers and, God forbid, different incarnations of scammers.

It often happens so that side-events appear to be more productive than the main event. This is even a trend recently that chooses to be at the side-events rather than entering the sea of uncertainty which is the main conference.

What to Attend on September 19-20?

This year, there are about 20 side-events alongside with Consensus: Singapore. Almost all of them are organized by the companies that are well-known in the blockchain industry such as OKEX, DNA, BitForex and so on. All these after parties are hosted at so-to-say established places such as clubs, hotels, rooftops, and bars. Well, there’s also an event that is held in a non-standard place – a private house.

Byzantium and co-creators of are hosting an event called Fireflies party at a 1920s heritage bungalow which is located in the heart of Singapore. This after party expects to bring together the masterminds of blockchain and finance to get them connected.

Step on the Consensus side

Location, which is hidden in the center of Singapore, and the organizers’ thorough attitude towards the guest-list imply an invite-only character of the event.

To visit the Fireflies party, one should leave an application on the website.
Confirmed participation is received from such guests as Hartej Singh Sawhney (Co-Founder & President for Hosho), Ran Neu-Ner (founder and CEO of Onchain Capital), and Henrik Andersson (CIO at Apollo Capital).

Unique setting, selected audience, and informal atmosphere capture public attention to the Fireflies party putting it into the list of the most expected side-events of Coindesk’s Consensus conference in Singapore.

What are your thoughts on the quickly approaching Consensus conference in Singapore? Let us know in the comments below!

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