Bitcoin And Blockchain Conferences

As the industry grows there will be a greater number of bitcoin and blockchain conferences held across the globe. These events allow industry leaders to gather at a specified arena and hold keynotes on their business and plans for the future. They also provide insight into the industry and often host ‘fireside discussions’ with prominent figures in the bitcoin and crypto industry.

Bitcoin and blockchain conferences are also held by specific crypto projects allowing developers, managers, and marketers to meet up and let the world know about the roadmap progress being made on the platforms. There have been a number of large conferences in Asia where a lot of the major crypto projects are based, and they are growing in popularity.

Bitcoinist covers all of the news and updates from the major bitcoin and blockchain conferences around the world, and can provide industry insights from various projects. Getting tickets to them is not always easy so keep up with the latest from the blockchain world right here.

Step on the Consensus side

Step on the Consensus Side

Side-events of big conferences gradually conquer more attention than the main events. There is a number of reasons why this happens, but let’s take a closer look at the mechanics...

Bitcoinist | 2 years ago
Atlanta to Hold Blockchain Week Event

Atlanta Will Hold Blockchain Week Event

A new blockchain event is coming to Atlanta, Georgia. On Friday, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution (AJC) reported on the upcoming “Atlanta Blockchain Week” event. The...

Danny Scopelliti | 2 years ago

Germany’s Lufthansa Airline to Award Hackers at Unibright Hackathon

One of Europe’s largest airlines, Lufthansa AG will reward blockchain developers participating in an event partnership with Unibright, the “Hackathon without a single line of...

Melanie Kramer | 3 years ago
USD-pegged Stablecoin
Altcoin News

Binance Launches $1 Billion Fund to Support Startups

Binance, a cryptocurrency exchange behemoth, is set to launch a $1 billion fund for cryptocurrency and blockchain technology startups. Ella Zhang, Head of Binance Labs, announced the...

Osato Avan-Nomayo | 3 years ago
Jack Ma Alibaba

Alibaba CEO Jack Ma Says Bitcoin and Not Blockchain is the Bubble

Alibaba founder and chairman, Jack Ma, is the latest to espouse the “blockchain not bitcoin” rhetoric. The billionaire e-commerce guru said bitcoin is the bubble and not...

Osato Avan-Nomayo | 3 years ago

Tom Lee Explains Why Consensus Failed to Spark the Bitcoin Rally

Tom Lee of Fundstrat Global is standing by his $25K end-of-year Bitcoin price despite the failure of Consensus to cause the much-anticipated crypto price rally. In an interview with...

Osato Avan-Nomayo | 3 years ago
Bitcoin price consensus
Bitcoin Price

Bitcoin Price Historically Surges With Consensus Conference, Data Shows

The fourth annual Consensus conference, Bitcoin’s biggest event of the year, begins today, May 14, 2018. Will bitcoin price surge once again during the event as it has in...

Osato Avan-Nomayo | 3 years ago

P2P Marketplace Paxful Powering the Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Conference 2018 in Lagos...

Paxful, the P2P finance platform, is powering the Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Conference 2018 in Lagos, Nigeria, to help spur local startups in the crypto ecosystem. Cryptocurrency...

Jeff Francis | 3 years ago

Tom Lee: Bitcoin Price Increase Coming After Consensus Conference

Fundstrat researchers, led by Tom Lee, say Bitcoin is all set up for a massive rally going into Consensus week. The Bitcoin price has dipped slightly to the $9,300 mark after nearly...

Osato Avan-Nomayo | 3 years ago
Brian Kelly

Brian Kelly: Bitcoin Is on the Rise and Can No Longer Be Ignored

Brian Kelly, the founder and CEO of BKCM LLC, believes that the days of relegating Bitcoin to the background of the financial market are over. The number one cryptocurrency has been on...

Osato Avan-Nomayo | 3 years ago

Blockchain of the Future [Event Coverage]

There are a lot of events covering blockchain and cryptocurrencies these days, though few have touched on the impact the technology will have on the mainstream public. The event...

Kim Adsitt | 3 years ago
Top 5 Winter Bitcoin and Blockchain Conferences

Top 5 Winter Bitcoin and Blockchain Conferences

Winter holidays are incoming, everybody can take a rest with family and friends and, after that, plunge headlong into the amazing world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. It...

Cynthia Turcotte | 3 years ago

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