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Analyst Who Recommended Bitcoin at $5: Bottom Is in After March’s 50% Crash

While Bitcoin has crossed above resistance after resistance over the past few weeks, some analysts are skeptical that the bottom is decisively in. One prominent trader — someone who...

Nick Chong | 2 weeks ago
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It’s “Max Pain” Ahead for Altcoins as Bitcoin’s Halving Nears...

After Bitcoin posted a blow-off top at the end of 2017, altcoins surged across the board, gaining hundreds of percent over the course of months in an event since known as...

Nick Chong | 3 weeks ago
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These 4 Trends Suggest Bitcoin Will Rocket Higher Towards $15,000: Fundstrat

Since the $3,700 lows, Bitcoin has roared higher, crossing above resistance after resistance in succession. Just recently, BTC tapped $10,000. Although impressive, a top analyst...

Nick Chong | 3 weeks ago
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Even After 90% Crash from Highs, Analyst Thinks XRP is “Wildly Overpriced”

Since the blow-off top at $3.30 seen at the start of 2018, XRP has been in a consistent macro downtrend. Even as Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies roared higher in mini bull markets...

Nick Chong | 4 weeks ago
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Why Top Wall Street Analysts See Bitcoin Hitting $15,000 in Next 12 Months

The price action over the past few days has undoubtedly been positive for Bitcoin. Case in point: the cryptocurrency ripped over 20% higher from the mid-$7,000s to a price as high as...

Nick Chong | 4 weeks ago
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3 Reasons Why XRP is Unlikely to Benefit From Ongoing Altcoin Surge

Despite the fact that all eyes have been on Bitcoin as of late, the hype around a rally in XRP and other altcoins has grown over the past few weeks. After all, Ethereum has embarked on...

Nick Chong | 1 month ago
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Fractal Analysis: Bitcoin Price Will Rocket 35% Higher Ahead of Halving

Despite the overarching risks of an economic recession, Bitcoin has performed well over the past few weeks, rallying higher and higher over week after week, shunning off bearish...

Nick Chong | 1 month ago

Analyst: Ethereum May Be Poised to Retrace Crash, Rally Towards $300

Over the past 24 hours, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the rest of the cryptocurrency market have mounted a strong comeback. ETH, alone, has gained 13% during today’s trading session...

Nick Chong | 2 months ago
Bitcoin will be bullish in march 2020
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Bitcoin Will Enter New Bullish Cycle in March 2020, Analysts Confirm

China anti-cryptocurrency FUD is sending BTC into a slump as it enters its third week of sell-offs. Don’t worry though, says skewAnalytics, Bitcoin will be bullish long term next...

Christina Comben | 6 months ago
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Mid-Week Bitcoin Dump Not Caused By Chinese Ponzi: Researcher

Wednesday’s Bitcoin flash crash was not due to a sell-off from Chinese ponzi scam, PlusToken, a researcher has claimed. Sid Shekhar, the co-founder of London-based...

Emilio Janus | 10 months ago
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Binance Coin Price Analysis: Huge Volume Loading Up Behind BNB

Binance Coin (BNB) is standing out as the best performing cryptocurrency among the the top 10 right now, having secured a 29% gain over the last 2 weeks. Analysis suggests further...

Smith | 10 months ago
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Binance Coin Price Analysis: Bulls Eye Reversal on 4-Hour Chart

Since the 13th of June bears have caused Binance Coin to pull-back down from the highs of 0.044 sats down to visible lows around 0.024 sats, resulting in a 45% correction. Short-term...

Smith | 11 months ago