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No, Bulgaria Did Not HODL Bitcoin Worth $1.6B, Finance Minister Claimed

The curious case of Bulgaria’s alleged hoard of 200,000 bitcoins resurfaced again this week as sources claimed the Balkan country was HODLing cryptocurrency. Report: Bulgaria Sold...

Esther Kim | 2 years ago

Bulgarian Officials Caught Accepting Bitcoin Bribes to Issue Passports

A handful of Bulgarian officials were busted accepting Bitcoin bribes for illegally issued passports. Busted! A trio of Bulgarian officials was recently arrested for accepting bribes...

Eustace Cryptus | 2 years ago

This Tiny Altcoin Proves There’s Light at the End of the Crypto Tunnel!

The bullish cryptocurrency year of 2017 has attracted a vast range of worldwide projects and attention. Now that this industry has a $300+ Billion market capitalization, there’s one...

Bitcoinist | 3 years ago

Bulgarian Banks Shutting Down Bitcoin Exchanges In the Country

Reports are emerging online of banks in Bulgaria cracking down on cryptocurrency exchanges and users. Reports that banks in Bulgaria were refusing to deal with cryptocurrency exchanges...

Matthew Tompkins | 3 years ago

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