dApp decentralization

The Road to DApp Decentralization is Still Being Paved

It still seems to be a controversial viewpoint to some, but it’s nevertheless a fact that most “decentralized” applications (dApps) are heavily centralized.  Security researcher...

Bitcoinist | 6 months ago
ethereum defi

Ethereum Targets $200 as Network Fundamentals Strengthen

Ethereum has had a solid weekend with further gains lifting it towards $200. Network fundamentals have also been strong so far this year which has seen ETH gain 45%. Ethereum Up 5% ETH...

Martin Young | 10 months ago
EOS Suffered a Huge dApp User Drop Out, Latest Report Finds

EOS Suffered a Huge dApp User Drop Out, Latest Report Finds

The latest annual dApp Market Report by Dapp.com says that the number of daily decentralized application (dApp) users on EOS has crashed 80% since last November. EOS Daily Active Users...

Emilio Janus | 11 months ago
ethereum unstoppable domains

Ethereum’s Most Active Application is Unstoppable Domains

After CryptoKitties, the Ethereum blockchain again has an application that has been the most active on its network recently. Following the launch of its .crypto registry for blockchain...

Emilio Janus | 12 months ago
ethereum dapps king

Why is this Crypto Ecosystem Better than EOS, Tron for dApps?

The Ethereum platform is streets ahead of its competition in terms of dApps and developers according to recent research. Ethereum User Base Growing A recent industry review from...

Martin Young | 12 months ago
tron trx price spiking
Altcoin News

Tron Samsung Tie Up Sends TRX Prices Higher

Nothing pumps a cryptocurrency like a big partnership announcement and nobody in the industry has made more of them than Justin Sun. The project founder practically lives on twitter...

Martin Young | 1 year ago
Tron TRX overrun by DApp bots
Altcoin News

TRON (TRX) is Overrun With DApp Bots, Research Shows

The TRON network showed statistics out of the ballpark in comparison to Ethereum and EOS. Multiple accounts, new distributed apps and activity picking up – those seemed to be an...

Christine Vasileva | 1 year ago
top blockchain smart contract platforms

Top 5 Smart Contract Platforms To Watch in 2020

The number of blockchain-based smart contract development platforms available to crypto developers is now greater than ever. Over the last 18 months, a Cambrian explosion in smart...

Bitcoinist | 1 year ago
eos bots dapps useless

New Report Finds DApps Useless – EOS Users Are Mostly Bots

The majority of blockchain DApps, including EOS, are clunky, slow, and struggling to attract users. Now, according to a shocking report by AnChain, they’re also rife with bot...

Christina Comben | 2 years ago
Blockchain DApps CryptoKitties

CryptoKitties Now Sells Its Crypto Collectible Cats for Around $1

Remember when virtual cat game CryptoKitties collapsed the Ethereum network? The feline frenzy in 2017 saw gaming fanatics spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on digital cats with...

Christina Comben | 2 years ago

It’s About Time DApps Unlocked the Mass-Market Momentum for Blockchain

Introduction There’s more to Blockchain technology than Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. At its fundamental level, Blockchain technology engenders trusts in inherently trustless...

Bitcoinist | 2 years ago

TRON’s BitTorrent Incentive Scheme Aims To Boost User Numbers

Blockchain app development platform TRON has announced that its recently-acquired BitTorrent protocol will soon launch no fewer than three incentive programs.  Justin Sun Woos...

Esther Kim | 2 years ago

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