diamond stablecoin

Diamond-Backed StableCoin CEO Talks Blockchain For Storing Value

Bitcoinist spoke with Jeremy Dahan, founder and CEO of diamDexx, a diamond-backed stablecoin that promises to make cryptocurrencies more practical for everyday use. In the decade since...

Bitcoinist | 1 year ago

Diamond:Be Your Own Bank and Creator of Wealth

Diamond is a cryptocurrency aimed to allow users to store personal wealth securely. By keeping the max coin supply at 4.38 million, Diamond is ensuring the currency remains scarce and...

Bitcoin PR Buzz | 5 years ago

Diamonds Long Term Plans, 2 Year Birthday Upcoming

For users looking for cryptocurrencies in it for the long-term, Diamond is a Bitcoin alternative that may fit just that. Backed by Diamond Foundation, as well as price stability...

Bitcoin PR Buzz | 5 years ago

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