This Key Data Metric Shows One Ultra-Bullish Crypto is About to Plunge

There’s no question that Chainlink has been the most bullish cryptocurrency on the market throughout the past couple of years, posting massive gains throughout 2019 and 2020 These...

Cole Petersen | 2 days ago

This Crypto Could Soon Invalidate its Multi-Year Bullish Market Structure

Chainlink has seen some immense bullishness throughout the past two years, but its strong market structure dates back even further In spite of the crypto’s ongoing upswing that has...

Cole Petersen | 2 weeks ago
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Altcoin News

Accurate Analyst Expects Chainlink To Sustain Over 70% Drop: Here’s Why

One of the hottest cryptocurrencies in the past few weeks has been Chainlink (LINK). Compared to Bitcoin, which is up 20% year to date, the asset recently posted a 100% year-to-date...

Nick Chong | 4 weeks ago
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Chainlink Cryptocurrency is Up 100 Percent YTD; What’s Behind the Intense Rally?

Chainlink has beaten bitcoin while emerging as one of the most profitable assets in the cryptocurrency, as well as the traditional market, in 2020. Demand for Chainlink’s LINK...

Yashu Gola | 1 month ago
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Here’s Why This Billionaire Just Applauded Chainlink and Compared it to Bitcoin

One of the most well-known figures in the crypto industry, supporting Bitcoin from the very beginning, has expressed some positive comments regarding the stand out altcoin...

Tony Spilotro | 2 months ago
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This Surprising Altcoin Dominates Crypto Trading Volume, Second Only to Bitcoin

The altcoin known as Chainlink, or LINK, was last year’s top-performing crypto asset, even beating out Bitcoin by a large margin. The cryptocurrency also beats nearly the rest of...

Tony Spilotro | 2 months ago