John McAfee Drops Bitcoin, Calls it 'Ancient Technology'

John McAfee Drops Bitcoin, Calls it ‘Ancient Technology’

The crypto world was more than amused when anti-virus mogul John McAfee famously said he would consume his own manhood on live TV if bitcoin wasn’t at $1 million by the end of this...

Martin Young | 11 months ago
bitcoin price prediction
Bitcoin Price

Bitcoin Price 99 Percent Below McAfee’s $1M Call, Can BTC Make it?

No wild price prediction has gained more attention than John McAfee’s manhood eating million dollar bitcoin. Prices are on the floor again this week and the long term trend eyeing...

Martin Young | 12 months ago
John McAfee $2 Million Bitcoin 2020

5 Reasons McAfee’s $2 Million Bitcoin Prediction May Not Be So Crazy

McAfee’s latest call for a $2 million bitcoin by the end of 2020 may seem a bit far-fetched but hear him out. Despite even the most optimistic models falling short of that value...

Christina Comben | 1 year ago

Cryptojacking Campaigns Rose 29% in Q1, McAfee Says

In the first quarter of 2019, cryptojacking campaigns aimed at victims’ PCs to mine cryptocurrencies rose 29%, according to a recent report by security software provider McAfee...

Anatol Antonovici | 1 year ago
bitcoin cash
Bitcoin Price

Why the BCash Proxy War Could Be Very Bullish for Bitcoin Price

Despite Bitcoin Cash ABC looking like it will win the BCash civil war with notable support from  John McAfee and Bitstamp, the ugliness of the sideshow could actually have a bullish...

Emilio Janus | 2 years ago
Bitcoin Futures Volumes Explode After Price Swing
Bitcoin Exchange

John Mcafee: Decentralized Exchanges Will Trigger ‘Largest Economic Boom in...

John McAfee, developer of the first contemporary antivirus software, is a cryptocurrency advocate. McAfee predicts that centralized exchanges will cease to exist within five years...

Julio Gil-Pulgar | 2 years ago
John McAfee

John McAfee Announces ‘Anti-Corruption’ Alliance Against HitBTC Exchange

HitBTC hit the news again, passively this time after its competitor CoinBene made an anarchist announcement against the #7 exchange. Any cryptocurrency that will voluntarily choose to...

Paula Baciu | 2 years ago
John McAfee

Bitfi Wallet Recants ‘Unhackable’ Claim

The Bitfi wallet touted by John McAfee has disavowed its claims of being unhackable as research reveals security flaws. Despite this, McAfee stands by his word. Despite claims by...

Danny Scopelliti | 2 years ago
Why 2020 Will Bring Record Highs For Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin’s Future Looks Bright for the First Time in 2018

Bitcoin has seen a bombardment of negative publicity and volatility as it’s price plummeted from December highs of almost $20,000 per coin to where it currently sits in the mid...

JakeTheCryptoKing | 2 years ago
John McAfee

John McAfee Polls Community Revealing ‘Biggest Threat to Crypto’

Computer security entrepreneur John McAfee has made quite a name for himself in the crypto sphere. Social media plays a monumental role in the industry, and McAfee has taken to it by...

Martin Young | 3 years ago

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