Ripple Launches New XRP Fraud Reporting Procedure
Altcoin News

Ripple Launches X-Border App With Thai Commercial Bank

In a country with more mobile phone subscriptions than people, mobile banking has taken off in Thailand in a big way. After partnering with a fintech remittance company recently...

Christina Comben | 10 months ago
UAE Bank Partners with Ripple For Cross-Border Payments

Ripple Partners with UAE Bank For Cross-Border Payments

In the latest Ripple partnership announcement, the cross-border payments startup has announced that National Bank of Fujairah PJSC (NBF) will be the latest to utilize RippleNet. ...

Ricardo Martinez | 11 months ago
ripple remittance philippines

Here’s How Ripple Will Power Remittances to the Philippines

The Dubai-based RAKBANK and BDO Unibank (a full-service universal bank in the Philippines) will be using Ripple’s payments ecosystem, to expedite remittances to the Philippines...

Christine Vasileva | 11 months ago
XRP Price outperforms top 5

XRP Outperforms Top 5 Cryptos, Unfazed by BitMEX Crash

The price of XRP recovered remarkably after the BitMEX crash, which led to heavy liquidations. Now, XRP is the best-performing coin among the leading 5 assets. Bulls Regain Momentum...

Christine Vasileva | 11 months ago
3 Reasons Why crypto Markets Have Crashed Today

3 Reasons Why XRP is Making Double-Digit Gains Right Now

Ripple’s coin, XRP, is breaking out in February after months of low volatility. XRP has been viewed as a wild card for a breakout due anytime, and right now, the asset is back to...

Christine Vasileva | 12 months ago
xrp trading huge in mexico

Why XRP has Higher Trading Volumes than Bitcoin in Mexico?

XRP seems to have taken rood with Mexican crypto traders, becoming the best-traded asset on the Bitso exchange. This is an unusual success for XRP, which has traded on relatively thin...

Christine Vasileva | 12 months ago
Showtime For XRP: BIS Exec Calls Cross-Border Payments a 'Top Priority'

Showtime For XRP: BIS Exec Calls Cross-Border Payments a ‘Top Priority’

XRP could be on the brink of mainstream adoption as Benoit Coeure, appointed Chief of the Bank of International Settlements, lists cross-border payment solutions as a ‘top urgent...

Christine Vasileva | 12 months ago
garlinghouse ripple xrp

Ripple CEO Predicts Market Migration Toward ‘Quality Cryptocurrencies’

A recent episode of The Ripple Drop saw executives give their predictions on the state of the crypto world in 2020 and beyond. Ripple Team Looks to the Future Ripple has recently...

Ali | 1 year ago
ripple xrp dumping hard at swell
Altcoin News

Instead of ‘Swelling’, Ripple’s XRP is ‘Selling Hard’, But Why?

Ripple’s Swell conference usually provides good bullish momentum for its native token XRP. The annual gathering of company bigwigs, bankers and academics provide an opportunity to...

Martin Young | 1 year ago
Ripple releases 1 billion xrp

Brian Kelly: Ripple Needs More Utility for XRP Prices to Increase

Brian Kelly, the CEO of cryptocurrency trading firm BKCM, believes that investors are missing the bigger picture when it comes to Ripple. Speaking with CNBC, Kelly outlined the...

Osato Avan-Nomayo | 3 years ago

RippleNet Connects Asia-Pacific and South America, Santander Demos One Pay FX Mobile App

InstaReM, a Singapore-headquartered Fintech company offering digital cross-border money transfers to individuals and businesses, has officially partnered with BeeTech, a São...

Adam James | 3 years ago
what is ripple, what is xrp

Ripple Announces Positive First Pilot Results for xRapid

Ripple, a real-time gross settlement system, currency exchange, and remittance network, has announced the results of its first pilot for xRapid — the company’s business...

Adam James | 3 years ago

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