china bitcoin stocks

China’s Resurgent Stock Market is Seeing Profits Flow Into Bitcoin

China is returning to Bitcoin investment despite its ongoing trading ban, data suggests this week as the Bitcoin price holds higher. Yuan No.2 Entry Fiat Currency Statistics gathered...

Esther Kim | 1 year ago
Twitter crypto crackdown

Chinese Stock Exchange Cracks Down on Blockchain Claims

The Shenzhen Exchange in China has started cracking down on companies using misleading blockchain affiliations to boost their stock prices. Companies are always on the prowl for any...

Jeff Francis | 2 years ago

Jeff Gundlach: Bitcoin is Soaring Because of China

It’s no coincidence that Bitcoin is surging as the Shanghai composite falls, DoubleLine Capital CEO, Jeffrey Gundlach, claims. Gundlach: Bitcoin Surge Linked to Shanghai...

Matthew Tompkins | 3 years ago