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Bitcoin’s Lightning Torch Global Transaction Hits Iran After Censorship Concerns

The Lightning Torch transaction relay using Bitcoin’ and the Lightning Network has crossed the border to Iran, days after complaints about censorship among participants. Satoshis...

Esther Kim | 2 years ago
Blockchain Expo - Crypto La La land

UK’s New Taskforce Means Cryptocurrency is Here to Stay

The United Kingdom is ready to release the hounds on the cryptocurrency market, with a task force set to investigate both the benefits and the risks of digital currencies. Taking...

Adam James | 3 years ago
Barclays Considering Bitcoin Trading Desk

British Bank Barclays Partners with Coinbase

One of the world’s biggest cryptocurrency wallet and trading platforms, Coinbase, has completed a deal with one of the biggest banks in Britain.  Bitcoin Trading to Become...

Ashour Iesho | 3 years ago
UK Bitcoin Investors Denied Mortgages To Buy Homes

UK Bitcoin Investors Denied Mortgages To Buy Homes

Bitcoin investors in the UK have reportedly been facing issues with acquiring mortgages with their profits, as Banks refuse or are unsure how to deal with funds derived from...

Matthew Tompkins | 3 years ago
Bank of England Nocoiner Admits ‘Cryptocurrency Not a Risk’

Bank of England May Issue Its Own Cryptocurrency

The Bank of England is compiling a report that may lead to it issuing its own cryptocurrency that would cut out the need for high street banks. While Bitcoin and its cryptocurrency...

Jeff Francis | 3 years ago
Bitcoin is the Ideal Safe Haven for UK Citizens Right Now

UK Companies Could Use ICOs to Overcome Brexit Investment Slowdown

The United Kingdom has seen an investment slowdown over the drawn-out Brexit process, but one crypto expert says UK firms could use ICOs to overcome this circumstance. Way back in June...

Jeff Francis | 3 years ago

UK Banks – scared of the regulator… or competition?

It is a fact that UK banks are unwilling to provide their services to distributed ledger technology (DLT) companies. However, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has questioned...

Emilio Janus | 3 years ago
Bitcoinist_Craig Wright
Breaking News

UK Law Enforcement Sources Hint At Impending Craig Wright Arrest

Editor’s Note (5-6-2-16, 2:43 AM EST): The SiliconAngle piece cited in this article was  produced by an impostor site posing as the real SiliconAngle. This source article does...

Jp Buntinx | 5 years ago

CoinFest UK Seeks Interested Cryptocurrency Volunteers for Bitcoin Conference

Manchester, UK (February, 20, 2016) – Would you like to work with CoinFest UK? We need interested Bitcoin and digital currency volunteers! We need these volunteers to help us...

Bitcoinist | 5 years ago

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