Reading: UnoCoin: CoinBase of India

Bitcoin Businesses

UnoCoin: CoinBase of India

Adam James · @Shasdam | Nov 29, 2014 | 11:21

Bitcoin Businesses

UnoCoin: CoinBase of India

Adam James · @Shasdam | Nov 29, 2014 | 11:21


Bitcoin in India is a huge opportunity for players to come in and reap rewards, but tread carefully, this market is full of risk. One company in particular is blazing trails in the Indian bitcoin market with little to zero competition.

Bringing Bitcoin to Billions

Unocoin is positioning itself as the “Coinbase of India” for many reasons. They are fully compliant with standing regulations. This is imperative as bitcoin in India enters a murky grey area.

UnoCoin currently operates across all of India with most of their clients and traffic coming out of Mumbai – the financial capital of India.

Video Review

Check out’s short video review of UnoCoin:

Humble Beginnings

Unocoin is an outcome of a meetup group that assembles in Bangalore on every 4th sunday. Unocoin was a response to people asking where they can buy bitcoins in India.

Meet The Team

The directors of Unocoin are successful entrepreneurs in the past from diversified industries. Sathvik Vishwanath holds an MBA from Uni of Melbourne and is the creator of virtual animals ecosystem in virtual world called SecondLife.

Rajath Vishwanath as well an MBA from Alliance Business Academy holds an experience in working for an MNC and working with banking relations.

Harish used to run a passive network components manufacturing industry.

Abhinand is a computer science engineer from a reputed institute in Bangalore and has served as a director for a successful computer networking organization.

Job Opportunities

UnoCoin is looking for “rock star engineers” to join their technical team! Unocoin is looking to find many IT professionals who are willing to receive payment from abroad and leverage the power of bitcoin.

Success in India & the Future

UnoCoin has had great success in India, so far they’ve achieved monumental success where others have failed.

Most recently UnoCoin participated at the ‘Get Active Expo-2014, Powered By Unocoin’. The Expo was organized to facilitate the participants of the Delhi Half Marathon to collect their participation bibs and timing chips. had taken up the initiative of providing every runner with road safety bands and also educating the participants about bitcoins. Over 2750 runners signed up with!

Congratulations to the UnoCoin team for their successful campaign in Delhi!

Furthermore, Unocoin recently launched merchant services. They now enable online and offline merchants to accept bitcoin and have it converted to rupees into their bank account the next day.

UnoCoin is also launching a mobile experience soon which will “take the world by storm”.

For more information check out UnoCoin’s website.

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