• A digital canvas dubbed Satoshi’s Place appeared online, allowing users to draw whatever they find fit, one pixel at a time. The MS Paint-like experience costs one Satoshi per pixel and users are free to show off their talent in whatever form they find fit. Censorship Resistant Digital Canvas Satoshi’s Place is a simple online artboard which is powered by the Lightning Network. The digital canvas is comprised of 1 million pixels and each one

    ‘Lightning War’: Bitcoin Battles Bitcoin Cash on a Digital Canvas

    | 2018/06/13 3:00 pm
  • American Nobel Laureate, economist, academic, and best-selling author Robert Shiller claims Bitcoin may be extinct in 100 years — and hard forks will be to blame.  A Big Forking Problem Nobody can accurately see 100 years into the future, but prominent economist Rober Shiller claims Bitcoin may go the way of the West African Black Rhinoceros — that is to say: extinct. According to the Yale professor, hard forks will be to blame for the dissolution of

    Hard Forks May Kill Bitcoin in 100 Years, Says Nobel Laureate

    | 2018/05/31 12:00 pm
  • Roger Ver believes Bitcoin’s days at the top of the crypto tree are numbered. In an interview with The Independent, the former Bitcoin evangelist said that other cryptocurrencies were more technologically advanced than Bitcoin. He identified Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash as the harbingers of the coming flippening. Bitcoin is Outdated Roger Ver used to be one of the staunchest Bitcoin proponents around. These days, however, his tent is firmly pitched in the Bitcoin Cash camp,

    Roger Ver on ‘the Flippening’: Ethereum Will Upstage Bitcoin Before the End of 2018

    | 2018/05/30 5:30 pm
  • Two weeks after its hard fork, 13% of Bitcoin Cash nodes are still running old software which is incompatible with the rest of its network, data reveals. Theories Emerge Over Rogue BCH Nodes As shown by Coin Dance and uploaded to social media by cryptocurrency commentator Ben Verret Sunday, Bitcoin Cash has so far failed to gain full support for its new fork, which split off from the main chain May 15. 13% of BCash

    Bitcoin Cash Still Missing 13% of Its Nodes 2 Weeks After Hard Fork

    | 2018/05/28 8:00 pm
  • A group of developers have embraced the Bitcoin Core monicker perpetuated by Bitcoin Cash’s Roger Ver and have launched a cryptocurrency under the same name calling it the real open source, peer-to-peer electronic cash. Bitcoin Core Becomes a Thing When Bitcoin Cash was first hard-forked back in November 2017, it resulted in two coins: Bitcoin Cash and the short-lived ‘Bitcoin Clashic.’ The latter being the legacy, albeit tongue-n-cheek, chain that did manage to mine a few

    ‘Roger Ver is Our Best Advocate’ – Bitcoin Core Cryptocurrency Comes to Life

    | 2018/05/28 10:00 am
  • Revolut, the London-based fintech firm, has added Bitcoin Cash and Ripple to its catalog of supported cryptocurrencies. Thus, customers will be able to buy the two added cryptos from the Revolut mobile app. This move signals the company’s desire to establish itself in the emerging cryptocurrency fintech market. Bitcoin Cash Added to the Mix Revolut was founded in London in 2015 as a fintech firm with a core focus on providing alternative digital banking solutions.

    Revolut Adds Support for Bitcoin Cash and Ripple

    | 2018/05/26 7:00 am
  • Cryptocurrency startup company, Circle, has unveiled a new investment product. The launch was announced via a post on the company’s blog. The Goldman Sachs-backed firm recently completed a lucrative investment round while announcing plans for a stablecoin tied to the USD. Buy the Market According to a blog post by Senior Product Manager, Rachel Mayer, the latest addition to the catalog of crypto investment offerings at the firm is called “Buy the Market.” This new

    Circle Unveils New Product for Retail Cryptocurrency Investors

    | 2018/05/24 3:00 pm
  • According to crypto trader Brian Kelly, now is the right time to invest in Bitcoin Cash (BCH). The founder and CEO of cryptocurrency trading firm, BKCM LLC envisages an increase in the value of the most popular bitcoin fork. Value Creation will Drive Price Increase Speaking to CNBC, Kelly predicted an impending bull run for Bitcoin Cash. He based his assertions on the decisions reached during the recent meeting of Bitcoin Cash miners in Hong

    Brian Kelly: Now is the Time to Invest in Bitcoin Cash

    | 2018/05/23 1:00 am
  • CNBC’s cousin, CNBC Africa, has produced its own cryptocurrency segment, with its host appearing on CNBC’s Fast Money yesterday to discuss his opinions on the top four cryptocurrencies.  Cryptocurrencies are a worldwide phenomenon, with people from America to Zimbabwe getting involved in one of the world’s fastest-growing industries. Africa has long proven itself to be a popular place for cryptocurrency growth and adoption, with many African consumers adopting cryptocurrencies in their daily lives. Some speculate

    HODL or FODL? CNBC Africa Crypto Host Rates Top Four Cryptocurrencies

    | 2018/05/21 5:00 pm
  • Seminole County, Florida, has officially become the very first county in the US to accept Bitcoin to pay their taxes. Resolving an Expensive Issue In an official announcement dated May 14th, Joel M. Greenberg, Seminole County’s Tax Collector, disclosed that his office will be accepting both Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash as means for payment of different services beginning this summer. For a long time, users who chose to pay their taxes with a credit or

    Florida County Becomes First US Locality to Accept Bitcoin for Taxes

    | 2018/05/15 8:30 am
  • The class action lawsuit against Bitcoin.com and Roger Ver that gained traction last week is being shut down due to a low donation amount, according to one of the founders of the suit. The 0.39 BTC donated is set to be refunded to those who contributed. Selling ‘Bitcoin Core’ Bitcoin.com made waves last month when they changed “Bitcoin” to “Bitcoin Core” and “Bitcoin Cash” to “Bitcoin” on the block explorer found and elsewhere on the

    Plug Pulled on Bitcoin.Com Lawsuit After Donation Shortfall

    | 2018/05/04 2:00 am
  • Cryptocurrency news and information portal Bitcoin.com has changed its website content after over 1,000 people are looking to sue it for fraud. Bitcoin Cash Is Bitcoin Cash The lawsuit, which is being brought against the St. Kitts-registered company for its use of the terms ‘Bitcoin’ when referring to altcoin Bitcoin Cash, is in the final stages of accruing legal assistance before releasing details to members. The process has drawn attention to, among other issues, Bitcoin.com’s

    Bitcoin.com Fixes ‘Bitcoin Cash is Bitcoin’ Narrative Amid Lawsuit Threat

    | 2018/05/01 9:00 am
  • A “community movement” that has grown to over 600 individuals in just two days is pursuing legal action against Bitcoin.com and its owner, Roger Ver, for deliberately misleading new users into buying Bitcoin Cash (BCH) instead of Bitcoin (BTC). Is Bitcoin.com Tricking People into Buying Bitcoin Cash? Bitcoin.com is undoubtedly a prized domain in the Bitcoin space. It’s likely that anyone interested in finding out about the world’s first, and most valuable, cryptocurrency will instinctively

    600+ Bitcoin Users Seek Lawsuit Against Bitcoin.com & CEO Roger Ver

    | 2018/04/27 10:35 am
  • Crypto markets are maturing, it remains to be seen how many companies that have raised money by issuing tokens will be alive in the next two years.  For anyone serious about blockchain technology and ICOs, Blockchain Expo Global is a must event to attend and this year, the event has attracted even more visitors than before. Held in London, UK, the event itself is a 2-day exhibition and an opportunity for companies to pitch and

    Blockchain Expo Global – Crypto La La land

    | 2018/04/19 10:30 pm
  • Bitcoin.com CEO and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) proponent Roger Ver faced embarrassment Monday after attempting to pass off a Tokyo Blockchain conference as his own. ‘It Wasn’t A Bitcoin Cash Event’ The free event, titled the Tokyo Free The Blockchain Conference, was held at the Ritz Carlton Monday evening. Speakers included various business professionals, both Japanese and international, along with startups and investors. Tweeting a photograph from the event, Ver commented on how “we” – Bitcoin

    A Stunt Too Far? Roger Ver Silent Amid Claims He ‘Lied’ About Conference

    | 2018/04/17 2:00 pm
  • Once again, the misleading Twitter account @Bitcoin has been banned from the social media platform. Bye-Bye @Bitcoin The intentionally misleading Twitter account @Bitcoin has once again been penalized by the popular social media network — this time, in the form of a suspension. Users on Twitter may report accounts for, among other things, tweeting spam and/or pretending to be someone else — both of which one may argue @Bitcoin is guilty of. Thus, one may

    Misleading Twitter Account @Bitcoin Banned (Again)

    | 2018/04/08 6:00 am
  • Self-professed ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’ Craig Wright likely had a platform at Deconomy 2018 due to Bitcoin Cash sponsoring the event. Bitmain Listed As Deconomy ‘Supporter’ After the now-infamous confrontation between Wright and Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin at the event, during which Buterin asked “Why is this fraud allowed to speak at this conference,” the controversy surrounding Bitcoin Cash proponents’ claims has returned to the cryptocurrency industry. The answer to his possibly rhetorical question may yet lie

    ‘Why Is This Fraud Allowed To Speak?’ Because Bitcoin Cash Sponsored Deconomy

    | 2018/04/05 12:00 pm
  • We at Bitcoinist can no longer deny the truth — Bitcoin is dead, and Bitcoin Cash is indeed Satoshi Nakamoto’s real vision. Policy Update First and foremost, Bitcoinist has updated its publication guidelines. Articles published on the website — starting with this one — will no longer refer to BTC as “Bitcoin.” To avoid confusion, the cryptocurrency BTC will hereby be referred to as “Bitcoin Core” or, in some instances, “Bitcoin Legacy.” As Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

    Bitcoin is Dead — Bitcoin Cash is Satoshi Nakamoto’s Real Vision [April Fools!]

    | 2018/04/01 10:00 am
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH) continues to lose support on major cryptocurrency exchanges. Bye Bye Bitcoin Cash Earlier this week, popular cryptocurrency exchange KuCoin announced changes to its platform which would streamline the trading of digital currencies. In doing so, the exchange removed all Bitcoin Cash (BCH) trading pairs, citing user feedback. The official announcement stated: We are excited to announce our new streamlined exchange. With our rapid growth in the first quarter we added in many

    Bitcoin Cash Gets the Axe – KuCoin Removes BCH Trading Pairs, Citing User Feedback

    | 2018/03/30 5:30 pm
  • OKEX plans to shut down its Bitcoin Cash (BCH) market, as the floundering cryptocurrency struggles to keep up with Bitcoin’s Segwit. Lacking Liquidity In an announcement on the digital asset trading platform’s official website, OKEX is set to close its Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Market in token trading tomorrow. Writes the company: We will close all the trading pairs in BCH market of Token Trading at 18:00 Mar 30, 2018 (Hong Kong time, UTC+8) due to inadequate

    Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Market Closing on OKEX Due to Lack of Liquidity

    | 2018/03/29 4:00 pm
  • On March 22, BitMEX Research published a follow-up article to its September 2017 analysis on Segregated Witness (SegWit) transactions compared to Bitcoin Cash, and the results aren’t good for big block supporters. Transacting Users Prefer SegWit Bitcoin Cash was created as an alternative coin with bigger blocks unlike Bitcoin’s Segregated Witness (SegWit) block weight optimization upgrade in August 2017. While SegWit gave the option for Bitcoin users to upgrade their wallets and receive the benefits

    Bitcoin’s SegWit Alone is Outnumbering All Bitcoin Cash Transactions

    | 2018/03/25 11:00 am
  • The Mt. Gox trustee who sold over $400 million in Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) from December to February had denied affecting the market prices of both cryptocurrencies. A Whale’s Tale According to a transcript of a Q&A session from the 10th Mt. Gox creditors’ meeting, the defunct exchange’s trustee Nobuaki Kobayashi had denied affecting the market price of Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) with his high-profile and high-volume sales. "Bitcoin Holder SLAYER"†Nobuaki Kobayashi†

    Mt. Gox Trustee Who Sold $400 Million Bitcoin Denies Affecting Market Price

    | 2018/03/17 10:00 pm
  • The Winklevoss brothers are looking to add additional cryptocurrencies to the Gemini Exchange, while also praising the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s recent statements. Expanding Gemini The Winklevoss twins’ cryptocurrency exchange Gemini Exchange is looking to expand with the addition of Litecoin (LTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH). Currently, Gemini Exchange only offers Bitcoin and Ethereum trades. Tyler Winklevoss claimed that the most obvious additions to Gemini’s roster of offerings “are from the Satoshi Nakamoto family

    Gemini Exchange May Soon Offer Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash

    | 2018/03/10 9:00 pm