• China is seemingly buying up a lot of Bitcoin and alternative currencies like gold right now. The devaluation of their currency has been slashed over the course of the past month. The country’s Foreign Exchange Commission has ordered financial institutions to increase its checks and balance controls for capital outflow. Currency wars in the region have led to a massive monetary dump as China’s Black Monday looms and looks to a very rough financial week. This

    Is China Turning To Bitcoin As Yuan Devalues?

    | 2015/10/17 4:53 pm
  • Factom reached a major milestone today, as the Poloniex crypto-currency exchange became the first platform to add a trading pair for Factoids, Factom’s software tokens. It was only a matter of time until one of the digital currency exchanges took the first step towards doing so since Factom’s Beta release. Also read: How Bitcoin is like the Housing Market Factom and Factoids Shift To a Higher Gear Investors have been eagerly awaiting the addition of

    Poloniex Enables Trading Market for Factoids

    | 2015/10/05 1:51 pm
  •  As well as advice for beginners, Bitcoin.com has a news section a rapidly growing forum, buy bitcoins page and bitcoin wallets page where anyone can choose from all types of wallets or buy bitcoins from trusted exchanges. Built on the Ultimate Bitcoin domain name newly launched Bitcoin.com aims to become the most comprehensive Bitcoin portal in the world. Bitcoin’s first angel investor Roger Ver is pleased to announce Bitcoin.com; an innovative collaborative platform for both

    Official Launch of Bitcoin.com Forum and News Platform

    | 2015/09/29 3:34 am
  • London-based Indacoin Exchange has launched Visa & Mastercard payments that will allow users from all over the world buy Bitcoins & Litecoins with their banking cards. The minimum amount is $5 and the limit for the first month is $500. After 40 days of the card using monthly limit will be increased to $3 000. Disclaimer: This article is a press release provided by Indacoin. Bitcoinist is not affiliated with Indacoin and is not responsible

    Indacoin Exchange has launched Visa & Mastercard payments

    | 2015/09/23 2:46 am
  • While there are alternatives for binary options, users looking for something that is more of a trading tool and less of a gambling game should look at Coinut. A registered company in Singapore, Coinut allows you to profit or hedge risk in both a bulish or bearish market.  If binary options isn’t for you, Coinut also offers vanilla trading, making it one of the most versatile exchanges out there. I spoke to Xini Wang, founder

    Coinut: First True Bitcoin Options Exchange (Interview)

    | 2015/09/14 3:00 pm
  • ShapeShift has proven to be one of the most popular services to be available in the virtual currency ecosystem today. Having the option to trade Bitcoin and over 40 other virtual currencies intermittently, without having to register for an account or complete a verification procedure, has attracted a lot of attention. Earlier today, news broke about ShapeShift raising US$1.6m in funding to further expand their service. Also read: Shapeshift Incorporates Ethereum into Altcoin Exchange Platform

    ShapeShift Raises Another US$1.6m in Funding

    | 2015/09/08 12:47 pm
  • Coinbase is reaching the top. Following a heavy expansion into European territory, the popular Bitcoin firm — which has managed to accumulate over $100 million in four public venture rounds — is now granting its services to users in Canada, the land of maple. Also read: Coinbase Asking for More Information Than Banks? The company explained on its blog: “As part of our effort to make bitcoin easy to use throughout the world, customers in Canada

    Bitcoin Exchange Coinbase Steps into Canada, Eh

    | 2015/09/08 12:00 pm
  • Editor’s Note: This article has been modified to correct some factual inaccuracies. ItBit is not governed by BitLicense, it operates in the state of New York under a trust charter.  Following the path of his colleague Benjamin Lawsky, former New York Department of Financial Services general counsel Daniel Alter has moved into the private sector, joining itBit as the Bitcoin exchange’s general counsel. This former NYDFS regulator will also work as itBit’s Chief Compliance Officer. In

    Through the Revolving Door: NYDFS Regulator Joins ItBit as General Counsel

    | 2015/09/07 12:00 pm
  • This past week, the Bitcoin markets saw very little action, with last week’s sideways trend persisting. That is, however, until Sunday, when the Bitcoin price shot up $10 into the $240s range. With the Bitcoin XT drama finally settling down, and no changes in major fundamentals, it currently looks as if this latest spike is mostly speculative. Will this speculative surge liquidate itself, or will it establish a new fundamental support level? Also read: Bitcoinist

    Bitcoinist Weekly News Re-Hash: Bitcoin Price Rockets, FinTech Industry Stirs

    | 2015/09/07 8:00 am
  • The Bitcoin Price flash crashed from ~$250 to ~$163 on Bitcoin exchange BitFinex around 5:00 PM Pacific Time on 8/18/15. The drop in the USD/BTC trading pair was quickly mirrored on other Bitcoin exchanges. The Bitcoin price has since recovered to the $210-225 range, but is still subject to heavy volatility on all exchanges. It is worth remembering that in previous Bitcoin market moves, the dreaded ending of large and red leveraged bets have often led to nearly-identical price drops

    Bitcoin Price Crashes amid Perceived Network Disagreement over Block Size

    | 2015/08/18 8:22 pm
  • Bitcoin regulation in the state of New York remains a topic of heavy debate, as the latest company to halt its services in the state is none other than LocalBitcoins. The largest Bitcoin peer-to-peer marketplace in the world is being hindered by the BitLicense regulations put in place earlier in 2015. Also read: Coinbase Asking for More Information Than Banks? BitLicense Claims LocalBitcions as Next Victim Whether people like or dislike the idea of regulating Bitcoin at

    BitLicense Casualty: LocalBitcoins Exits New York

    | 2015/08/14 3:00 pm
  • Chinese Bitcoin Exchange Huobi’s CEO Leon Li has posted basic information regarding bitcoin and recommendations on its regulation in a recent article titled: “A Study on the Current Developing Situation and Regulation of the Bitcoin Industry.” This article was written for the Tsinghua Financial Review, an influential journal in China. Tsinghua has not posted articles involving digital currency, and neither has any other influential journal in China. An interesting fact considering China’s huge involvement in

    CEO of Chinese Bitcoin Exchange Huobi Wants to Influence Policymakers On Bitcoin

    | 2015/08/11 10:25 pm
  • In a press release, the cryptocurrency/altcoin exchange Shapeshift.io has announced that it will be incorporating the digital asset Ethereum into its platform. Customers of Shapeshift can now buy or sell the digital asset’s unit of exchange, ‘ether,’ instantly using the exchange, along with Bitcoin, Litecoin, and other cryptocurrencies and digital assets. Ethereum is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency — one of many inspired by Bitcoin. Also read: Spells of Genesis Token Sale Launches With ShapeShift Of all the cryptocurrencies to

    Shapeshift Incorporates Ethereum into Altcoin Exchange Platform

    | 2015/08/11 8:00 am
  • The major Bitcoin news headline this weekend came in the form of former Mt. Gox CEO Mark Karpeles being arrested in Japan. After Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox was forced to shut down in 2014 due to “funds being stolen by hackers”, a recovery process for affected customers slowly started taking shape. But it looks like justice will be served sooner rather than later, as Mark Karpeles admitted to misusing customer funds. Also read: MtGox: Deadline

    Mark Karpeles Admits to Tweaking Mt. Gox User Balances For Millions of Dollars

    | 2015/08/03 5:08 am
  • In a follow-up to the previous article in which a Japanese source claimed that the Japanese Metro Police Department was looking into additional charges against former Mt. Gox CEO Mark Karpeles for fraudulent system manipulation, sources now confirm that Karpeles has been arrested by Japanese Police. Karpeles is suspected of having accessed the exchange’s computer system and falsifying data regarding its outstanding balance. Also read: Mark Karpeles Possibly Charged on Suspicions of Fraudulent System Manipulation

    Mark Karpeles Arrested In Japan on Suspicion of Fraudulent System Manipulation

    | 2015/08/01 5:03 pm
  • Aiming to expand in Asia, particularly in the Southeast, the leading exchange platform of digital currencies in Mexico, meXBT, has bought CoinRepublic, a Singapore-based cryptocurrency brokerage firm. Also read: Revealing Bitcoin’s Legality, the ZapChain Summit Despite the fact that there are a limited number of merchants accepting Bitcoin in Southeast Asia, cryptocurrency companies are entering the region to tap what they believe to be a huge potential. The region’s population is twice as large as that

    meXBT Acquires CoinRepublic Expands to Southeast Asia

    | 2015/08/01 3:00 pm
  • It will probably be for the first time that a Bitcoin and blockchain focused company going for IPO in London as Coinsilium is planning to list its shares on city’s junior stock market AIM later this summer. The listing would make it the first Bitcoin company to IPO in Britain and one of just a handful in the world. Also read: Nocks Offers Multiple Tools To Make Bitcoin Payments Easier Coinsilium Group investments currently include

    Coinsilium Group listing on London’s AIM Stock Market This Summer

    | 2015/07/24 8:00 am
  •   Coinffeine, an open source, peer-to-peer (P2P) Bitcoin exchange platform, announces its global expansion plan by launching the world’s first decentralized Bitcoin exchange platform in more than 70 countries including Russia, China, Indonesia and Brazil. Also read: BitX Raises $4 million From Naspers Group The ambitious project will help Coinffeine, the company that helps users be able to buy and sell Bitcoins securely and anonymously without having to rely on a centralized exchange, reach to new

    First in Bitcoin Industry, Coinffeine launches BTC Exchanges in Over 70 countries

    | 2015/07/23 8:00 am
  • Cybersecurity is a booming business, as there have been numerous attacks and threats against Internet services in recent years. Even in the Bitcoin world, there is a constant threat to various services by hackers looking for a way to score some easy money. As a result, there is an increase in cybersecurity startups, and some of them are seeing a major success once they IPO. Also read: Symbiont Develops Smart Security for Financial Institutions Cybersecurity

    Cybersecurity Is A Hot Market, Bitcoin Businesses to Benefit From New Solutions

    | 2015/07/20 8:00 am
  • Coinsetter is a New York City, venture capital financed bitcoin exchange that is dedicated to making bitcoin safe and reliable for active users. Recently the exchange introduced new features to its professional Platform. Also Read: Coinsetter Acquires CaVirtex Bitcoin Exchange in Expansion Operating since 2012, the company offers a transparent and institutional exchange with professional trading features and an easy to use platform. Coinsetter, recently announced the release of what is, by far, the most

    Interview with Coinsetter Chief Executive Jaron Lukasiewicz

    | 2015/07/19 12:00 pm
  • The deadline for creditors to file claims against the bankrupt MtGox bitcoin exchange has been extended until July 29, 12:00 JST. Also read: MtGox Creditors May Get Their Money/Bitcoin Back! On April 22, 2015, the bankruptcy trustee created a system that enabled MtGox users to file claims against the exchange regarding their lost funds. Currently, the bankruptcy trustee is accepting bankruptcy claims filed by users using the system, an online method which the trustee claims to

    MtGox: Deadline for Filing Bankruptcy Extended

    | 2015/07/07 3:00 pm
  • There is a huge demand for a cross-border payment API among Bitcoin users. Looking to capitalize on this demand, SnapCard has announced the launch of MassPay. The company says that it is extremely proud to launch MassPay in conjunction with Tango Card, the largest rewards-as-a-service platform in the world. Also read: Nadaq Partnership with Chain Marks New Trend In the official blog post, SnapCard discusses various features of MassPay and says that through this integration, Tango

    SnapCard Announces MassPay, a Cross-Border Payment API

    | 2015/07/01 8:00 am
  • Exmo.com, a universal cryptocurrency trading platform, has announced its complete service for storing, trading, management, and usage of cryptocurrency and fiat money. Exmo does not charge fees for deposits or withdrawals. However, customers have to pay the minimum charges made by the payment systems. Also read: Carl Force to Plead Guilty to Bitcoin Theft Disclaimer: Bitcoinist is not responsible for Exmo’s goods/services. The complete range of storing, trading, managing, and using of cryptocurrencies and fiat is

    Exmo Offers Cryptocurrency and Fiat Management Service

    | 2015/06/23 9:32 pm