• Starting today, football fans can now purchase pre-sale tickets for college football’s St. Petersburg Bowl if they pay with Bitcoin. The Bitcoin Bowl BitPay, the leader in business solutions for Bitcoin, has teamed up with ESPN to sponsor this game and incorporate Bitcoin in all facets of the fan experience, from ticket sales to concessions, for the first time ever at a major sporting event. This is an exclusive ticket pre-sale for fans, who prefer

    BitcoinBowl: BTC Meets College Football

    | 2014/10/17 9:53 am
  • A new and ambitious project is being developed, and it aims to bring an intersection between a variety of crypto currencies and their specific technology. Meet the the internet of blockchains, The Blocknet!

    BLOCKNET – the internet of blockchains

    | 2014/10/17 4:11 am
  • Coinbase, one of the leading digital wallet providers, has hired John G. Collins (former adviser to the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee) as its head of government affairs. He will be working on policies related to the virtual currency.

    Coinbase hires former Senate adviser John Collins

    | 2014/10/15 6:25 pm
  • Ross Ulbricth Stands Trial! Most famously know for being the alleged mastermind behind the Silk Road, will be going to trial next month. To briefly summarize things, Ross defenses challenges to FBI’s acquisition of the server in the first place on top of other things have all been rejected so Ross is slated to stand trial on November 3rd, 2014 on 7 charges. For more information , read the article written by Alberto Mata here.

    News Summary: 10/12 – 10/19

    | 2014/10/13 4:51 pm
  • As some of you may already know, The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin was released yesterday, on October 10th. Produced by Gravitas Ventures, the movie takes you on an adventure with Daniel, and we meet several other people such as Charlie Shrem, the CEO of Bitinstant. For many people, this movie was a sweet walk down memory lane. Seeing the first Avalon ASICS, and even the beginning of Mt. Gox exchange, as well as the

    The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin: My Reaction

    | 2014/10/11 7:48 pm
  • Foldingcoin is a new project developed by the Stanford University and it aims to bring a new kind of functionality to CPU and GPU mining. How about donating your processing power to scientific research in medicine!? Stanford University has developed a project for this same reason! Until now, you could donate your processing capacity to assist in scientific research without any kind of compensation whatsoever, but with the Foldingcoin Project this is about to change.

    Interview with the Foldingcoin Team

    | 2014/10/10 11:17 pm
  • Last week I covered social media platform focused GEMS this week I’ll take a look at their closest competitors, Nxtty Cryptomessenger. While NXtty seems focused more on the encrypted messaging aspect of this type of platform both groups seem to be barreling down the same general development path. One difference of note is that while GEMS has the clear advantage in terms of it’s media rich website and overall presentation, Nxtty has a more practical

    Nxtty Cryptomessenger: Encrypted Messaging Matters

    | 2014/10/08 6:23 pm
  • Rumors have been spreading over the past few days saying Overstock.com is building software based on the bitcoin protocol technology. Previously, Patrick Byrne, Overstock founder and CEO, had hinted that Overstock was studying the possibility of developing such software, and now, he has publicly announced the company has began the designated bitcoin protocol project.

    Overstock is building software based on the bitcoin protocol

    | 2014/10/08 6:19 am
  • Bitcoin Ebay? A new Chinese commerce platform is rising that may become a Bitcoin Ebay. Known as Coin Cola, Coin Cola is a cryptocurrency trading platform based on multisig technology and is designed to keep buyers and sellers safe with this. Read the full article here. Bitnation: Decentralized Government It was eventually going to happen, someone or something making a government based on the blockchain. This “something” is known as Bitnation. Compared to traditional governments,

    News Summary September 29- October 6th

    | 2014/10/07 4:52 pm
  • CoinCola is a Chinese B2C & C2C E-Commerce Platform trading in crypto currencies, which is based on multisig technology. CoinCola is owned by Hong Kong BIT network technology co., limited. Coincola Business model is based in five sections: display of online stores, foreign trade, trading in multisig, online wallets and arbitration support.

    Chinese E-commerce Platform aims to be the “Bitcoin Ebay”

    | 2014/10/06 6:30 am
  • When the idea of decentralization and Bitcoin first came into play, the first main opposition was the government. I’m here with BitNation, a blockchain based cryptoequity that plans on providing services originally provided by the government in a decentralized fashion. 1. Can you tell me a little bit of what BitNation is? Bitnation is a new blockchain-based startup that will provide services traditionally thought to be the domain of governments.  Traditionally, governments usually provide people

    BitNation: Decentralized Goverment

    | 2014/10/04 3:34 pm
  •  Coinapult, one of the biggest companies in the Bitcoin industry. When we last talked to them it was regarding the public beta launch of Locks, the ability to “lock” in your value of Bitcoin and tie it to the value of a commodity. Today, we will be talking about the funding they just received. 1. Since the last time we talked, how have things been? Our Locks launch went very well. We have been developing

    Coinapult Recieves Funding!

    | 2014/10/01 5:05 am
  • Originally covered here, Gems is like any other social messenger app, except with a twist. Integrated with Gems is a wallet, that users automatically get. Also Gems is encrypted, ensuring better privacy just like using cryptocurrency for your financial transactions. Q: What is Gems? A: Gems is a Social Messenger integrated with next generation bitcoin technology. Gems offers a WhatsApp style mobile experience with fully encrypted and private messaging, and a built in wallet. Our

    Gems: Exclusive Interview

    | 2014/09/30 11:53 pm
  • This is an entirely new model of bidirectional ATM with its own special features. It allows converting bitcoins into Fiat and from Fiat to bitcoins. The Portuguese Teller Machine is the result of a rigorous manufacturing process, combined with the know-how of experienced IT professionals, translated into a versatile, multi-functional and highly optimized scalable system. Joaquim proudly tells us that the design, production and ownership of the new machine - hardware and software - are 100% Portuguese made.

    Portuguese Entrepreneur launches first 100% Portuguese made Bitcoin ATM

    | 2014/09/30 7:07 pm
  • Coin Academy and the College Cryptocurrency Network Team Up to Bring Crypto to Campus The College Cryptocurrency Network has selected Coin Academy as the content provider for their fast growing initiative to bring cryptocurrency education to campuses across the U.S Under the arrangement, Coin Academy will be providing their original digital currency courses to the students inside the College Cryptocurrency Network and will help the CCN source and curate content. Jeremy Gardner, Executive Director and

    Coin Academy and the College Cryptocurrency Network Team Up to Bring Crypto to Campus

    | 2014/09/29 7:14 pm
  • Today’s top dogs are an interesting bunch. With 14 out of the top 20 players all losing ground this week we find ourselves in somewhat uncharted territories. By example, today’s top earner isn’t even a coin or a currency but rather a digital asset called Multigateway (MGW). A third party service developed on top of the NXT network that allows you to move cryptocurrencies in and out of the NXT Asset Exchange. Up 51% today

    Today’s Top Dogs – 9/28

    | 2014/09/29 2:53 pm
  • As the first Bitcoin Company, Coinify secures continental European venture capital investment to bring digital currencies to mainstream markets. The Company has already satisfied more than 6000 merchants and 7000 consumers most of them from Europe. More than 7000 European individuals have enjoyed Coinify’s easy conversion between digital and national currencies.

    Coinify, becomes the Leading European Digital Currency Platform

    | 2014/09/29 4:03 am
  • Anycoin Direct is an exchange founded in the Netherlands in April 2013. The Company has reached popularity in just 2 months time. The exchange was first launched with the brand name Bitplaats and soon established itself as one of the most trusted Bitcoin businesses in the Netherlands.

    Short Q&A with Anycoin Direct exchange Team

    | 2014/09/26 7:32 pm
  • Update: Hashprofit was shut down according to their statement because of a DDoS attack. We tried to contact them to get some more information regarding this issue but we haven’t received any response from them yet. The official statement from HashProfit.com: We’re resuming work of service in a protected mode today. Despite all the warnings from service’s administration many users have succumbed panic moods and have taken a number of actions which discredited and abused

    Hash Profit Easy Mining Services Review (UPDATED)

    | 2014/09/25 6:20 pm
  • Bitcoin Paypal and Bitcoin! A compelling read by Nuno, Paypal has finally delivered on its word after what seems now like weeks of teasing acceptance of Bitcoin. Finally Paypal has signed a partnership with popular Bitcoin processors such as BitPay, Coinbase and Gocoin. It first started with people using Braintree able to accept Bitcoin, now it’s people using Paypal’s Payment Hub for digital goods which in turn may mean you could purchase your favorite steam

    News Summary: September 21st – September 27th

    | 2014/09/25 5:50 pm
  • The launch of the Digital Currency Council is seen as an exciting and timely step for crypto currency, and everyone who will become involved with it. Similar standards-based professional organizations have been critical to the functioning of our traditional economy, and there is no doubt that the Digital Currency Council will play an important role in the emerging crypto currency economy.

    Digital Currencies Council (DCC) opens Bitcoin Certification Program

    | 2014/09/25 3:51 pm