• Promising an innovative way to trade cryptocurrencies and other assets, trade.io is set to launch its exchange in April – and is well-equipped to outperform the competition. An Exchange Like No Other trade.io – a blockchain based trading platform which aims to democratize the markets, disrupt the financial industry, and recapture and redistribute wealth back to investors and companies—has already had a highly successful ICO, raising $31,169,749 from 15,073 participants who purchased 65,782,147 Trade Tokens

    Innovative trade.io Exchange Launching in April

    | 2018/02/08 5:00 pm
  • A new Ethereum-based platform called TakeProfit wants to make reliable cryptocurrency trading signals available to everybody. The same platform will give traders the ability to cash in on market signals. “TakeProfit provides professional traders with an opportunity to monetize their skills; by directly selling them to their subscribers,” the company announced, “Subscribers can earn income using the skills and recommendations of traders.” “TakeProfit is the first aggregating platform of the most up-to-date information on trading

    Takeprofit Wants to Make the Best Cryptocurrency Trading Signals Available to Everybody

    | 2018/02/07 10:00 pm
  • Cryptocurrency Liquidity can be defined as the process by which an asset is converted into fiat currency based on demand. If you are not satisfied with this definition than liquidity can also be defined as an asset bought or sold on the open market when the price is relatively affordable. In light of the above, discounts or even premiums cannot be attached to an asset in the process of buying or selling it. What this means

    Bancor Smart Tokens Looking to Solve Cryptocurrency Liquidity

    | 2018/01/31 9:15 pm
  • Japan’s popular chat app, Line, has announced that they have filed to launch a cryptocurrency exchange within the app. While some countries are clamping down on cryptocurrency and exchanges, Japan has opened their doors. This had led to a marked rise in crypto-related businesses seeking to do business within the country. Of course, there are home-grown businesses looking to hop on board the crypto train as well. The latest to do so is Line, the

    Japan’s Popular Line Chat App to Launch Cryptocurrency Exchange

    | 2018/01/31 2:15 am
  • As a crypto investor, do you often find it very hard to keep track of your many coins and investments? Wouldn’t you like a way to see all your holdings easily, and buy and sell different coins with the click of a button? Here’s how Saifu could help. Saifu – Taking Cryptocurrencies Mainstream Wallets, private keys, accounts, addresses; most of us have gone through all that before. Securing and keeping track of all of our

    Tired of Tracking All Your Crypto Investments Individually? Here’s How Saifu Could Help

    | 2018/01/26 2:00 pm
  • Mark Twain said, “During the gold rush it’s a good time to be in the pick and shovel business.” Why? Because pick and shovel businesses make money even when the people who use them don’t find gold. This is a perfect metaphor for how to make money in crypto irrespective of the volatility. In this case, the pick and shovel businesses are the exchanges, wallet providers, and all the other crypto service providers. Unfortunately, most

    How to Make Money in Cryptocurrencies Irrespective of the Volatility

    | 2018/01/25 12:30 am
  • The blockchain-based real estate platform, Propy, is collaborating with the city of South Burlington, Vermont, to streamline their real estate record-keeping process. Even though blockchain may be most well known for being the supporting technology of cryptocurrencies, it can be used in most industries, especially those that rely heavily on recording data. According to Cision, Propy, a blockchain-based property platform, is partnering up with the City Clerk’s Office of South Burlington in Vermont to test

    Propy Partners with South Burlington, Vermont, to Implement Blockchain-based Services

    | 2018/01/24 12:30 pm
  • The impetus behind Bitcoin’s success is, without doubt, society’s increasing demand decentralize money. Rapidly growing dissatisfaction with banks and governmental monetary policies have led people to seek new methods of storing and transferring value that would eliminate intermediaries, central authorities and regulators. Being controlled by an algorithm and maintained by a decentralized community of miners, blockchain-based cryptocurrencies have created endless opportunities for the underbanked and unbanked. Add to that the decreased risk of fraud, censorship, and

    Invisible War: How to Stop Being Screwed by Centralized Crypto Exchanges

    | 2018/01/24 1:30 am
  • Kodak and Long Island Iced Tea have both been criticised recently for loony pivots towards the blockchain to attract feverish cryptocurrency investors. But, can you blame them when shares for the former rose as much as 90% after announcing their new KodakCoin, and the latter share-price spiked 289% after changing their name to Long Blockchain Corporation. Consequently, a cacophony of warnings about the dangers of investing in cryptocurrencies has arisen as similarities between the dotcom

    Pivots Towards the Blockchain – Loony or Smart?

    | 2018/01/23 12:30 pm
  • Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (MUFG) is launching an initiative to open a new exchange and issue its own virtual currency: the “MUFG coin.” By controlling the exchanges themselves, MUFG plan to suppress fluctuations in the price of MUFG coins in order that they can be used stably for settlement and remittance. The MUFG coin, due to their distribution being made available on a centralized exchange, can be directly overseen by the bank. In addition, the

    Japan’s Largest Financial Group To Launch Own Virtual Currency

    | 2018/01/16 2:30 pm
  • One of the problems facing those new to the cryptocurrency markets is the level of complexity in using exchanges and making trades. Some degree of technical knowledge is required to open, navigate and trade on a crypto exchange account, get one thing wrong and your virtual currency disappears into the ether. Symmetry Fund aims to alleviate the digital distress by offering a balanced cryptocurrency and ICO investment fund. Crypto investment funds are the best way

    Cryptocurrency Trading Without the Complexities with Symmetry Fund

    | 2018/01/15 11:00 pm
  • Even though many countries are interested in, and indeed are pursuing, the creation of national state-run virtual currencies, Singapore isn’t one of them. The digital currency revolution is here, and it’s not just reserved for Bitcoin and other decentralized cryptocurrencies. More and more countries are exploring the benefits of having a cashless society. Sweden has previously voiced their desire to investigate the development of an e-krona, Israel is looking into creating a digital shekel, while

    Singapore Won’t Be Part of the State-controlled Crypto Movement

    | 2018/01/12 9:00 pm
  • Paycent is mobile payment platform that functions as a dual e-wallet that can be funded by both digital currencies and fiat currency. It also allows conversion from digital to fiat and vice-versa, in real time and from within the wallet. Digital Currency to Fiat with Paycent One of the major problems that many digital currency users face is the challenge of converting digital currencies to fiat money. Currently, only a few retailers are accepting digital currencies

    Easily Convert Digital Currencies to Fiat with Paycent

    | 2018/01/12 11:00 am
  • Etherbanking launched in August 2017 as the world’s first automated banking application with E-Smartcontract technology with an aim to “change your mind on banking.” Etherbanking has already emerged as a successful cryptocurrency lender, with the team garnering over 100,000 members in their first 3 months of operation. Their ICO launches on the 10th of January 2018, where they shall be issuing 5 million EBC tokens, each with a starting price of $10. Etherbanking’s Vision Etherbanking

    Etherbanking – Changing Your Mind on Banking

    | 2018/01/11 9:30 pm
  • The advent of cryptocurrencies is triggering the creation of innovative business concepts and new Bitcoin-based financial instruments. Now, Michael Novogratz is starting a merchant bank, to be named Galaxy Digital, which will exclusively serve the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. Merchant Bank Dedicated to Cryptocurrencies to Reshape the Finance World Michael Novogratz, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Galaxy Investment Partners, is planning to establish and make public the first merchant bank that will focus on

    Novogratz Will Launch the First Cryptocurrency Merchant Bank

    | 2018/01/10 2:30 pm
  • It’s been just over one month since we first introduced Essentia at Devcon3, that seems like an eternity between new forks, market growth, and media coverage. But what is the most exciting is for us to finally introduce Essentia to the public today! Here we go! After extensive researches and starting as an underground project in Amsterdam a long time ago, Essentia.one is now the framework to create, store, access and operate your decentralized digital life.

    Introducing Essentia.one: The Framework For Your Decentralized Digital Life

    | 2018/01/09 5:00 pm
  • The UK’s central bank, the Bank of England (BoE), has confirmed it is “not planning” to adopt a state-sponsored cryptocurrency. Understanding ‘Implications’ In new updates to its official position on the cryptocurrency phenomenon last week, the BoE instead announced it was favoring research into the concept in order to understand its “implications.” An increasingly active presence in Blockchain, the BoE has already produced a fintech accelerator scheme which will additionally inform its ongoing research in the

    Bank Of England: We’re ‘Not Planning’ To Issue A UK State Cryptocurrency

    | 2018/01/08 1:00 pm
  • 3Commas is a suite of “smart tools” to help cryptocurrency investors minimize risks, limit losses, grow profits, and manage their portfolios across multiple exchanges. Saint Petersburg, Russia-based 3Commas offers experienced and beginning traders alike a suite of “smart tools” designed to help them manage their portfolios across multiple cryptocurrency exchanges while maximizing profits and limiting losses. Before test-driving the platform, Bitcoinist sat down with 3Commas CMO Mike Goryunov to talk about what prompted the team

    3Commas – Smart Tools for Intelligent Cryptocurrency Traders

    | 2017/12/31 3:00 pm
  • It looks like Crypterium will be the most popular ICO to have started in the last quarter of 2017. The tokens of the nascent cryptobank, which went on sale on October 31, were an immediate smash hit with buyers, hitting the company’s soft cap in a mere five hours. Even more interesting was the widespread distribution of the sales – buyers flocked in from 143 countries all over the world. The largest purchases came from the

    Crypterium Tops the ICO Hit Parade in Fourth Quarter

    | 2017/12/30 8:00 pm
  • trade.io has a vision to revolutionize the financial industry, recognizing that in 2008 the world economy nearly collapsed, arguing that it was not due entirely to recklessness and a lack of transparency, but also because the financial sector had failed to keep up with innovation. The team behind trade.io sees that little has changed since 2008, nor have lessons been learned. Investors are at the mercy of high fees and low liquidity and, with transparency

    trade.io – Bringing Innovation to the Financial Sector

    | 2017/12/29 4:00 am
  • It has been a busy week for popular peer-to-peer lending platform RCN. From announcing new strategic partnerships to upgrading key systems on its platform, RCN is working hard to deliver the best possible services and features to its users. RCN Announces Decentraland Partnership Earlier this week, RCN announced their new partnership with Decentraland, the blockchain-based virtual reality platform where users can acquire virtual land to create and monetize their content. In addition to exploring and

    RCN Partners with Decentraland to Offer Credit Loans on Virtual Real Estate

    | 2017/12/21 12:30 pm
  • IOTA is a cryptocurrency that focuses on providing secure payments and data transactions among machines, particularly, in the realm of the Internet of Things. In the past few weeks, IOTA’s value has skyrocketed by 400 percent. Now, IOTA’s prospects look even brighter, as Robert Bosch Venture Capital announced that it is investing in IOTA. Robert Bosch Ventura Capital to Industrialize IOTA Technology The Stuttgart-based Robert Bosch Venture Capital (RBVC), the corporate venture capital company of

    The Bosch Group Is Investing in IOTA

    | 2017/12/21 7:30 am
  • They may be a girl’s best friend, but diamond dealers and investors are going to love CEDEX, the first certified diamond exchange to be built using blockchain technology. The diamond market has an estimated turnover of $80 billion per year, yet investor demand accounts for only 5% of that – the rest is consumer demand from the jewelry industry. Historically, diamonds have been a consistent store of value, just like gold and other precious metals,

    CEDEX: The First Certified Blockchain-based Diamond Exchange

    | 2017/12/20 3:00 pm