•  Igot is an Australian Bitcoin exchange founded in 2013 that is growing at a rapid pace with a focus on the remittance market. Igot is expanding internationally, with local presence in Asia, Europe, and UAE. With a combination of transparency and compliance, Igot is quickly becoming a globally known Bitcoin exchange. Igot is currently available in 40 countries, which includes the EU and parts of the Middle East and Africa. Customers can use all exchange

    Bitcoin Exchange Igot Acquires TagPesa

    | 2015/03/01 9:00 pm
  • Bitcoin Builder has been keeping the public in the dark as of late, but it has recently recently updated their website with a new announcement: “We’ve re-launched as a ‘Bitcoin Exchange Aggregator’ that pulls in the best prices from multiple exchanges and allows you to trade without fee. Bitcoin Builder will now enable you to sell and buy bitcoins knowing that you will be getting the best price, and trade executions are feeless. Bitcoin Builder

    Bitcoin Builder buys your GOXBTC

    | 2015/02/27 3:00 pm
  • Bitcoin was packed with headlines this week, which is the first thing I look for when there is a price change. While this does not always work, it is a good rule of thumb that I go by. Bitcoin experienced the loss of two exchanges, CARVITEX and Netagio, as well as a follow up on Mt. Gox from WizSec. Also read: Last Weeks Market Wrap Up For the majority of the week, Bitcoin enjoyed relative

    Bitcoin Market Wrap Up: 2/15 – 2/22, Bitstake trending

    | 2015/02/23 8:00 am
  • In 2013, Mt. Gox was the exchange that all Bitcoin users knew. Having the most liquidity and volume, this is where most Bitcoins were exchanged. Whether it was the transaction malleability exploits, trade withdrawal exploits or the infrastructure is not being able to handle the load, Mt. Gox went to dust, losing 850,000 Bitcoins. In USD equivalent at the time of the collapse, this equated to over $400 million customer funds that were unaccounted for.

    Mt. Gox Investigation Continued: WizSec Report Released!

    | 2015/02/21 9:21 pm
  • As I mentioned in this week’s market wrap up, the bull run that occurred in the Bitcoin market last week was most likely the result of market manipulation. The Bitcoin price increased from the $220 range to around $260 without any discernible causes, suggesting that the spike in demand came from one person or a cooperative group.  Also Read: This Weeks Market Wrap Up A new discovery serves to confirm my belief that the market was manipulated last week.

    Bitcoin Market Manipulation Audio Leaked

    | 2015/02/20 11:47 am
  • To wrap the Bitcoin market, and the cryptocurrency network, in general, into one word, I would use the word unexpected. We were seeing the small $1-$3 fluctuations in Bitcoin for the greater part of the week, then the price broke out into a bull run. No one without insider knowledge saw this coming and caught many people by surprise. While refreshing to see Bitcoin up 10% for the next three days, it was certainly unexpected.

    Bitcoin Market Wrap Up: 2/8 – 2/15, Darkcoin Moves Up With InstantX

    | 2015/02/16 8:00 am
  • Dear trader, 4th episode of our Decadays Market Report series. The first three are available Part 1, Part2 and Part3. How do you view your trading? Do you have a strategy? Or is it some sort of casino gamble to you? Please look carefully at the graph below. If you recognize yourself there, stop trading right now and go on reading this article. I started this series of articles by talking about price and saying

    Decadays Bitcoin Trading Report and Guide Part 4

    | 2015/02/13 4:56 pm
  • Here is Bitcoinist’s Bitcoin Market Wrap. It is been a relatively quiet week for Bitcoin, market-wise. Bitcoin has only fluctuated a couple percentage points every day, with usually a net difference of 1-3% daily. If we take a look at more traditional investments, 1-3% of the variation is a lot, but for Bitcoin in its current state, that is pretty stable. If we take a look at those same “traditional investments” they are down as well.

    Bitcoin Market Wrap Week: 2/1/ – 2/8/15, NetCoin and DigiByte Trending Upward

    | 2015/02/09 8:00 am
  • Shapeshift.io is an exchange that introduced a new exchange solution for Cryptocurrencies. The exchange allows you to instantly exchange cryptocurrencies directly between them. ShapeShift introduced the easiest way to buy or sell Altcoins offering instant conversion between coins. By offering the most private and most convenient way to swap digital currencies, ShapeShift's aims to be the leading exchange services provider within the crypto exchange ecosystem.

    Interview with Shapeshift.io CEO Beorn Gonthier

    | 2015/02/04 8:00 am
  • After seeing the Bitcoin price spike to $300 earlier this week, the market has been on a steady decline. In total, Bitcoin has dropped 38% this week, from a peak of $307 to approximately $223. Bitcoin’s price increased exponentially due to announcements from the Winklevoss Twins about Gemini and Coinbase’s new exchange. For the cherry on top, Google has integrated Coinbase into its Google Now application for Android. This app shows notifications in the format of cards; the Coinbase

    Market Summary: 1/25/15-2/1/15

    | 2015/02/03 8:00 am
  • Dear trader, Welcome to the third episode of our Decadays Market Report series. The first two articles are available Part 1 and Part 2. Remember, in our previous article, I showed you a bearish divergence in progress. Then I said: “the price of Bitcoin may not recover in the coming days. Instead, the risk is to see a new strong drop.” Since then, what happened? As you can see on the chart below, the drop

    Decadays Trading Report and Guide 3

    | 2015/02/03 3:19 am
  • The last several days have been rough and tumble both for the Bitcoin fiat valuation and the new, supposedly regulated Coinbase Exchange. As mentioned by CoinDesk earlier in the week, California regulators are taking exception to the idea that they have given approval for Coinbase’s operation. When probed on the matter, Coinbase spokesman James Watkins said: “The Exchange is also available to users in California and New York. These states fall into a regulatory gray

    Coinbase Under Scrutiny After Regulatory Claims Disputed

    | 2015/01/31 8:00 am
  • Bitcoin Analysis Bitcoin has been increasing consistently over the last seven days, to a currency price of $244.58. The last time we saw this price was before the crash where Bitcoin took a 40% dive in two days, which is discussed in the previous Market Summary. We started this week with Bitcoin under $200, and has increased by approximately 25% over the duration of this week which I believe is due to one critical information

    Market Summary 1-18/1-25

    | 2015/01/27 9:00 am
  • Coinbase Invites Traders to the Moon with New, Regulated Exchange Coinbase has reinvigorated the Bitcoin market with news that today, Monday the 26th of January, they are launching a new, regulated exchange called Lunar. At the beginning of last month, Coinbase expanded its regular wallet services to include US dollar wallets for people in 16 US states. Since then, they’ve gotten approval in another eight. The wallet service is funded and withdrawn from regular US

    Coinbase Invites Traders to the Moon

    | 2015/01/26 1:04 pm
  • Editors Note: Bitcoinist is bringing you a series of market information and trading guides by Yann Wahli of Crypto Finance Analysis Consulting Dear trader, Here is the second article of our Decadays Market Report series. The first one is still available here. The last ten days have seen all resistances give way. Ten day ago, I was telling you “The coming days do not look bright, and Bitcoin could well get bellow $255 quite fast.”

    Decadays Trading Report and Guide 2

    | 2015/01/26 4:18 am
  • This week has been interesting has been full of surprises to say the least. From January 13th to January 15th Bitcoin dropped from a weight priced of 264.35 on Bitstamp to a weighted price of 178.83 exactly 48 hours later. Equivalent to around a 32.4% drop in price in only just two days, it was a reminder that Bitcoin is still a young and volatile currency. Bitcoin Analysis While the price has gone back up

    Market Analysis: 1-11/1-18

    | 2015/01/20 8:38 pm
  • Bitcoin’s price is hard to predict and notoriously known for its volatility. A new derivative trading platform is giving bitcoin traders a simple way to profit from calling bitcoin’s ever changing price. Action Crypto allows the user to pick a direction of either up or down; he or she thinks the price is going to be in a certain timeframe. If correct, the trader will receive the bitcoin he originally sent plus the whatever the

    Action Crypto: Bitcoin Binary Options Trading

    | 2015/01/16 7:13 pm
  • Editors Note:  Bitcoinist is bringing you a series of market information and trading guides by Yann Wahli of Crypto Finance Analysis Consulting Dear trader First, I would like to wish you a great year in 2015 and all the personal and professional success that you deserve. I also wish that this new series of articles will allow you to trade as best as possible this year. This new year starts off in a very complicated way. The

    Decadays Trading Report and Guide

    | 2015/01/12 7:45 pm
  •  With the second week of the New Year now behind us, Bitcoin is slowly but surely stabilizing. With CES coming to a close, as well as the Bitcoin booths that were there, more and more people are becoming aware of the online currency has grown to a tight-knit group of people hoping for its success across the globe. This week’s market summary will break down this weekend, to show how especially unstable Bitcoins price was,

    Market Summary: 1/4 – 1/11

    | 2015/01/12 8:00 am
  • The New Hampshire-based cryptocurrency start-up ziftrCOIN is excited to announce that ziftrCOINs will be listed on popular cryptocurrency exchanges Cryptsy and Melotic in 2015. This will happen when the coins are going to be released. Cryptsy will also work with ziftrCOIN to integrate with ziftrPAY, Ziftr’s secure API that enables retailers to accept all types of cryptocurrency in addition to credit card payments. Now what is this ziftrCOIN and who created it? ZiftrCOIN was created

    ZiftrCOIN to Be Listed on Cryptsy and Melotic.

    | 2015/01/08 3:00 pm
  • A commonly quoted piece of advice that is the theme of this market analysis is one by Baron Rothschild, an 18th-century British man who was also part of the famous Rothschild banking family. The quote goes “Buy when there’s blood in the streets”, but I’ve also heard “even if it is yours” appended to the end. I cannot confirm origin nor legitimacy of the appended ending, but it further proves the point and theme of

    Market Summary: 12/28 – 1/4

    | 2015/01/07 8:00 am
  • Bitcoin seemed to stabilize around Christmas Eve around December 24th, but steadily decreased to a floor around $318, going back up to $330 and plummeting down to $310. As described in my last market analysis, I predicted this movement two weeks ago. People liquidating holdings for holiday cash, as shown by the massive sell-offs today. Since the end of November, we have fallen from a price of around $380 and reached a price of $318.73

    Market Summary: 12/21 – 12/28

    | 2014/12/31 8:00 am
  • Elliott Waves are a popular yet controversial technical analysis indicator. This post will explore the relevance of Elliott Waves for bitcoin trends. Introduction to Elliott Waves Elliott Waves are a technical analysis indicator to predict future price trends. The principles of Elliott Waves are founded on the belief that markets follow predictable sequences of optimism and pessimism. The sequence of a bull market follows the below pattern. A bear market follows an exact opposite sequence.

    Can Elliott Waves Really Predict the Price of Bitcoin?

    | 2014/12/29 10:00 am