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    Czech Republic Moves to Clamp Down on Bitcoin ‘Anonymity’

    The Czech Republic has opted to clamp down on Bitcoin anonymity as part of a range of regulations, which are expected to continue in the coming years. Regulation-Free Czech Crypto Ends From January 2017, the government and European Commission have been underlining the need for exchanges to perform suitable KYC checks on customers. Prior to this, cryptocurrencies were officially unregulated. “This puts new obligations on exchanges and other service providers with virtual money, local news resource

    · January 30, 2017 · 7:30 am
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    The Czech Republic’s GoPay Adds Bitcoin

    GoPay the Czech Republic version of PayPal has announced it will be integrating Bitcoin into its system. Servicing as a payment gateway for Slovakia and the Drupal Commerce sectors the company is a very popular provider in the region. The business motto claims it allows customers to shop, sell, and transfer wealth with a “few simple clicks.” Also read: VTech Hack Illustrates Need For Decentralized Data Solutions The leading third-party payment service focuses in on

    · December 2, 2015 · 9:56 am