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    Buyer Loses $278,000 USD in Bitcoin Robbery

    The rise of cryptocurrency has brought many opportunities for investment, but such wealth potential has also attracted criminals. A recent example is of a Bitcoin robbery in Singapore, in which the victim was robbed of over $278,000 USD. The Singaporean police force has recently announced a robbery case involving a Bitcoin transaction. Pang Joon Hau, a Malaysian man, traveled to Singapore on April 8th in search of Bitcoin sellers. Carrying Lots of Cash Not a

    · April 15, 2018 · 9:30 am
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    Taiwan Sees First Bitcoin Robbery, Suspects Arrested

    Taiwan has seen its first Bitcoin robbery as three men stole 18 bitcoins from the victim. Police were later able to apprehend the criminals. It seems that the cryptocurrency world is getting more dangerous. Every week, a new story comes out about an exchange getting hacked or a company getting cryptojacked. However, the buying and selling of bitcoins can lead to physical violence as a number of incidents have recently shown. The latest example of

    · February 22, 2018 · 4:00 am
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    Masked Gunmen Steal ‘Fortune’ in Bitcoin in Daylight UK Robbery

    The very first UK Bitcoin robbery occurred when four armed men broke into a home and forced a crypto trader to transfer a “fortune” in Bitcoin. The meteoric rise of Bitcoin over the course of 2017 featured a number of positive effects. A lot of people made a good deal of money, and media and public interest in cryptocurrency reached new heights. However, a downside to such attention is that criminals now see physically stealing

    · January 28, 2018 · 9:00 am
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    Ottawa Police Hunting for Armed Bitcoin Robbery Suspects

    Police in Ottawa, Canada, are on the manhunt for armed Bitcoin robbery suspects who staged an attempted daylight robbery of a Bitcoin financial business. The world of crypto can become a dangerous place at times. This usually occurs when someone ventures out to personally buy bitcoins from an buyer they do not know, all the while carrying quite a bit of cash. Yet even a cryptocurrency business is not a safe guarantee, as was evident

    · January 25, 2018 · 8:00 am
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    Hong Kong Bitcoin Trader Attacked and Robbed of $180,000 USD

    A man in Hong Kong was the victim of a Bitcoin robbery as thieves stole $180,000 USD in cash he was planning to buy the cryptocurrency with. What is it about the prospect of making money by buying and selling cryptocurrency that makes people lose their common sense? The latest example of this phenomenon took place in Hong Kong. A man looking to buy bitcoins was lured into an ambush by criminals, in which he

    · January 19, 2018 · 3:30 pm
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    Man Robbed of $1.8 Million in Ether at Gunpoint

    A New Jersey man learned that the contents of your crypto wallet can be stolen in more than one way as he is kidnapped at gunpoint and then robbed of $1.8 million in Ether. When one normally hears of a crypto wallet being emptied, it’s because of some nefarious hack, such as what hit NiceHash about a week ago. Yet there’s more than one way to skin a cat, so they say. A man in

    · December 14, 2017 · 1:00 pm
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    Police in New Delhi Arrest Gang Robbing Bitcoin Buyers

    A group of six individuals in New Delhi, India, have been arrested by the police for robbing people that they had convinced were buying Bitcoin with actual cash. Just when you think it’s safe to buy Bitcoin and other digital currencies, you hear horror stories about being robbed in some sort of online scam or Ponzi scheme. The decentralized nature of cryptocurrency means that those looking to get involved in it must do their due

    · October 1, 2017 · 10:00 pm
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    Floridian Thieves use Local Bitcoin Exchange to Rob Customers

    With all the coverage surrounding massive Crypto Theft and Scams recently, whether it’s The DAO, OneCoin, or questionable ETC ownership policies on major exchanges, it’s easy to ignore the more mundane events in this arena. Luckily, Steve Manos, A man in Lake Worth Florida, was brave enough to ignore best practices and common sense to bring us this gem of an example of how not to buy Bitcoin. Read Also: New Polaris GPUs Shake Up

    · July 30, 2016 · 10:30 pm