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Upcoming Blockchain ICO Takes On Central Banks In Fight To Decentralize Small Business Financing


Bitcoinist | Nov 28, 2017 | 18:15

Upcoming Blockchain ICO Takes On Central Banks In Fight To Decentralize Small Business Financing Press releases

Upcoming Blockchain ICO Takes On Central Banks In Fight To Decentralize Small Business Financing


Bitcoinist | Nov 28, 2017 | 18:15


When seasoned ICO investors visit Debitum Network’s official website, they may be curious to learn how a small team of finance experts is tackling a $1.53 trillion dollar global credit gap. Investors could qualify to become early token holders in what’s quickly becoming one of the most disruptive finance solutions for financially starved small businesses across the world. 

Since the company unveiled a demo product earlier this year, traditional banks have scrambled to tighten regulation, and with good reason…

Founders of business financing blockchain startup, Debitum Network, say they have research that suggests small businesses around the world have a severe lack of access to credit.  The founders went on to say, “The current credit gap is estimated to be an astonishing $1.538 trillion, and it’s clear who’s to blame”.

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Since the beginning of the year, a team of proven fin-tech professionals have been quietly developing a Blockchain powered small business finance solution to secure and distribute fiat investments to the SME world.

It’s called Debitum Network, and it’s powered by the Ethereum blockchain.  It boasts an incredibly smart Decentralised Hybrid ecosystem that unites borrowers, and local finance professionals – the first of it’s kind – that’ll soon negate the need for highly constrained and strictly over-regulated financial intermediaries.

Instead of going the traditional route of raising money through Venture Capital and Angel Investors, the three co-founders have invested their own time and capital to produce the first iteration of the network before announcing their very own coin offering.

Many Coin Investors Will Be Cashing In On This

Here’s why…

This is unknown to many, but despite the “friendly” presence of your local bank, most reputable small businesses face huge challenges getting approved for finance.

Perhaps you’re old enough to remember the days when you’d know your banker personally, perhaps even had kids in the same class at school, or would often see them at your favorite local restaurant. This personal relationship helped fuel a strong financial relationship; you knew exactly where to go to get the loan you needed.

But, the days of driving to your local bank for a business loan are long gone. Not only are community banks getting eaten up by the big banks (controlled by the strictly regulated Central Banks), but bank lending to small businesses is at an abysmal rate. If you’re a small business owner, and you walk into a bank, you’ve got around an 80% chance of getting denied. Yep. That’s right.

Greedy banks and more traditional financial institutions aren’t too happy about the launch of Debitum Network – here’s why:

  • Banks make less profit on smaller loans and are not looking out for small businesses
  • It’s in their best interest to keep small business owners uninformed about alternative lending options as they fear many High Net Worth (HNI) clients will switch sides
  • Until now, banks have had the monopoly over the lending industry, and continue to profit heavily from underserving small businesses

You may think the banks have the best interest of the small business owner in mind. Rest assured, they do not. They’d rather keep them uninformed about their options. That’s why the pressure is on – time-wise.

Unfortunately, small businesses require more risk assessment than their larger counterparts, which is costly for banks, making them think twice before ever extending them funds.

When was the last time you heard a small business owner saying anything good about their bank? Was it hard to think of a time? Probably. Thus, it’s almost a no-brainer as to why the Debitum Network opportunity has so many coin investors queuing up to get involved.

With over 17,567 now subscribed to the Debitum Network inside community, investors need to act fast in order to secure the best token price during the Debitum Crowdsale.

But Aren’t ICOs Now Perceived As High Risk?

Many ICO Investors falsely assume that in order to capitalize large returns on their investment, they need to invest early, and exit quickly.

This is not only untrue, it’s, in fact, the opposite.

When you invest in Debitum Network you become a hero to all small businesses around the world.  How? By holding these greedy banks and institutions accountable for controlling, and severely under-financing, small businesses daily.

The team has a very realistic roadmap that they say will see them operational within the first few months following the token sale.

After the initial launch, they’ll process all actions through the Ethereum Blockchain, utilizing a family of smart contracts for added security.  Initial transactions will all run through Fiat currencies, enabling businesses to immediately start using the service in their locality, and from day one.

Debitum Network says they’ll eventually become the go-to financial marketplace for SMEs across the world looking for fairer, more accessible business growth finance.

Act Now Before Your Window Of Opportunity Closes

Here’s how:

The Debitum token 1st stage sale will begin on December 07, 2017 and will be soft capped at approximately 25 000 Ether (ETH), with a hard cap of 50 000 Ether (ETH).

60% of tokens will be sold during the crowdsale; 10% will go to advisors, bounties and campaign costs; 15% will be held in reserve, and 15% will be kept by the team to be locked-up for 12 months by smart contract.

Up until 4,000 ETH raised, the rate for Debitum tokens will be 1 ETH = 3,750 DEB, afterwards it will lower to 1 ETH = 3,300 DEB, and then once more again to 1 ETH = 2,888 DEB.

Images courtesy of Debitum Network

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