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10 Ways LiveTree ADEPT Will Disrupt the Entertainment Industry


Bitcoinist | Feb 26, 2018 | 12:15

10 Ways LiveTree ADEPT Will Disrupt the Entertainment Industry Press releases

10 Ways LiveTree ADEPT Will Disrupt the Entertainment Industry


Bitcoinist | Feb 26, 2018 | 12:15


LiveTree ADEPT (Advanced Decentralized Entertainment Platform for Transparent Distribution) has been established with the aim to create a decentralized marketplace for the entertainment industry. Listed below are 10 ways LiveTree ADEPT is going to disrupt the entertainment industry.

1. Global access to $500 billion creative industry with the seed

The total worth of the global entertainment industry is $500 billion. LiveTree ADEPT will approach the seed pragmatically such that the money is invested and distributed innovatively. So if you invest in our platform, you are cutting yourself a chunk of the $500 billion.

2. TV, Film, and Content Crowdfunding market of $1 billion will be open for all

The crowdfunding market for TV, Film, and Content exceeds the global market for the creative industry by a considerable margin. Currently, this market is worth $1 billion, and it is expected to grow further. LiveTree ADEPT will give you direct access to his huge resource and allow charity partners to be a part of the profit.

3. Directly influence the functioning of the film industry

The entertainment industry has been suffering from insignificant or low fundings for some time now. Clubbed with the dominance of rich and successful in the decision-making process, it seriously affects the quality of content being created. The content thus created represents a minor part of the industry which is quite unfair. If you believe things have been unfair and they need to change, all you need to do is be a part of the change by investing in LiveTree ADEPT. Our platform revolutionizes everything from decision making, distribution of funds and even the type of content being created.

4. Peer-to-peer collaboration becomes a reality with our network of 14,000 entertainment companies

Being a crowdfunding firm, LiveTree helped us build a network comprising of 14,000 companies. With the help of such an engaging and active creator community, we have laid the foundations of our blockchain-based platform for the film industry. The users of our crowdfunding platform will form the network of filmmakers which in turn will help LiveTree ADEPT flourish.

5. Next Gen Talent will be at the tip of your fingers

The content and film industry has such an incredible store of talent, and this talent is what keeps LiveTree ADEPT inspired. But there’s no platform to showcase the talent of next-generation film and content makers. We need to shift our focus to representative movies and keep the viewers at the edge of their seats. The investment we get is going to have a direct impact on the future of filmmakers.

6. The next generation of disruption can be built together

Content Gatekeepers like Google, Netflix, and Facebook dominate the market and keep a check on new content. They pre-select and filter the content according to their wishes and thus create a barrier for any consumer who means to access the kind of content he wishes to watch. This barrier prevents content creators from investing peer-to-peer or engage with their followers directly. LiveTree ADEPT aims to stop all that by cutting out the big players and allowing small players to work in harmony. LiveTree ADEPT will disrupt the entire chain of the film industry and not just the crowdfunding process.

7. Introducing PPVOD: a brand-new format of content funding

Unlike Netflix’s SVOD (subscription video-on-demand), TVOD (transactional pay-per-view) or YouTube’s AVOD (advertising), LiveTree ADEPT has developed its very own format. PPVOD is pre-pay-per-view and it lets you pre-pay for content that is interested in seeing. This way we build a sense of loyalty among our consumers and also enable them to be an active part of content creation. This kind of innovation is a step forward for the industry and helps projects to get funded and realized with ease.

8. A fair payment model for everyone involved

Everyone from various areas of the film industry is guaranteed to get paid via LiveTree ADEPT. Regardless of the fact that you run a VFX company or you’re a director or producer, your payment will run smoothly through the agreement signed on the blockchain. This payment model is fair and ensures that everyone involved is visible and gets paid fairly.

9. Greater control over content creation due to collaboration with British Film Institute (BFI), Red Rock Entertainment and Screen Arts Institute Incubator

We have partnered with some of most well-known players in the industry so that we can provide the required support to the younger generation of filmmakers. Red Rock Entertainment, BFI and Screen Arts Institute have helped us capture 5$ of the crowdfunding market in the UK. With trusted partners like them by our side, we will establish a new means to invest in film and content.

10. You can shape the future of creative economy

Our world is built according to the decisions we make in our life. LiveTree ADEPT believes in the same ideology, and by investing in our platform, we empower you to help shape the future of the creative industry. This economic makeover was long overdue, and we believe you have the ability to reshape it.

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