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BTCBear: Trade Bitcoin With Security and Ease


Evan Faggart | Feb 15, 2016 | 22:00

BTCBear Bitcoin

BTCBear: Trade Bitcoin With Security and Ease


Evan Faggart | Feb 15, 2016 | 22:00


BTCBear is an international bitcoin exchange platform based in London. The company was founded by Morteza Rezaei in August 2015 with the goal of providing a secure, high quality bitcoin trading experience. 

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored story. Bitcoinist is not responsible for this company’s products and/or services. 

Secure Trading With BTCBear

btcbearBTCBear offers a web-based trading service with  two advanced order forms: Market Order and Limit Order.

Market Orders are executed as soon as they are placed, allowing customers to buy or sell immediately at current market prices.

The two different kinds of Limit Orders customers can use on BTCBear are Take-Profit and Stop-Loss. The Take-Profit order automatically closes an open order when the exchange rate reaches a specified threshold. These orders are used to lock in profits when customers are unavailable to monitor their open positions. The Stop-Loss order is a defensive mechanism, helping protect against further losses, as well as avoiding margin closeouts. This order type automatically closes an open position when the exchange rate moves against the customer, falling to the levels specified by the trader.

BTCBear says:

“Your trading style will dictate the order type that best suits your needs, you can use Market Orders, Limit Orders (Stop-Loss and Take-Profit). A Market Order is executed immediately when placed, It is priced using the current spot, or market price. A limit order is an order to buy or sell a currency pair, but only when certain conditions included in the original trade instructions are fulfilled.”

In addition to advanced order forms, BTCBear has other interesting features. The first is called the “Redeem Code,” which lets users transfer USD and EUR to other people with an account with the exchange. Secondly, the company provides the “BTCBear eCode,” allowing its customers to send money to “friends, family and sellers,” making the process “easier than ever from [a] Bitcoin exchange platform!”

The bitcoin exchange also prides itself on providing its customers with a secure trading experience, using a combination of cold storage and two-factor authentication. According to BTCBear, 95% of all their bitcoins are kept in a cold storage wallet, and their database is backed up multiple times per day. Also, to protect customers, all member accounts are secured using Google two-factor authentication, which adds an extra layer of security against hackers trying to access someone’s account. Furthermore, people can make an account with BTCBear without any proof of address or identity verification, making this exchange more privacy-oriented than most of its competitors.

These features combine to form 4 selling points that BTCBear believes should make anyone want to choose their international bitcoin trading platform over anyone else:

  1. Secure offline Bitcoin cold storage
  2. Open an account quickly and easily. You won’t have to spend a lot of time filing agreements and sending documents to open an account. You can use BTCBear’s trading software to send and receive bitcoins without any proof of address or identity verification
  3. Easily deposit and withdraw money into an account with different methods with direct deposit buttons. Deposit money to an account anytime via online payment services such as Perfect Money, AdvCash, Payeer. BTCBear will also be adding OKPay, Payza and WebMoney to their list of supported payment services very soon.
  4. Different trading types.

The exchange accepts USD, EUR, bitcoin and litecoin for these services.

BTCBear believes that these mixture of secure and high quality trading features makes their platform a contender in the world of bitcoin trading. If you would like to learn more about BTCBear or possibly open an account with them, you can visit their website here.

What do you think about BTCBear? Let us know in the comments below!

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