Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash is currently the fifth largest cryptocurrency in the world. It was spawned from bitcoin in August 2017 when a hard fork created a separate blockchain after the developers and community split. When this happened everyone holding BTC was also granted the equivalent in BCH. The primary technical difference between the two is that bitcoin cash has a larger block size of 8Mb compared to bitcoin’s 1Mb blocks. Theoretically this allows faster transaction speed which, according to BCH proponents, makes it more suitable as a peer-to-peer currency than bitcoin, which is often seen as a store of value. The Bitcoin Cash community is led by the outspoken Roger Ver who separated from the original bitcoin core camp wanting to take the digital asset in a different direction. Today there are a growing number of merchants accepting Bitcoin Cash as a digital form of payment for their products and services. We have been following developments in the Bitcoin Cash community to bring the latest news and updates for the project. Additionally, our technical analysts are constantly scouring the charts to determine possible directions BCH will take next in terms of price movements.

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