Breaking ground
Bitcoin Wallet

KZen Wallet Hopes to Break Ground

A new entrant has emerged in the already crowded crypto wallet space. KZen, a company co-founded by a former TechCrunch editor Ouriel Ohayon, recently announced that it has completed a...

Erich Grant | Oct 05, 2018 | 22:00
Winklevoss-Owned Bitcoin Exchange 'Gemini' Adds Litecoin Trading Pairs
Bitcoin Wallet

StellarX is Here to Change Crypto Trading

How would you like an exchange that’s completely free? Or one where you are in full control of your assets? An entirely transparent one, to both users and token issuers? How about...

Paula Baciu | Oct 02, 2018 | 04:00
samourai wallet
Bitcoin Wallet

‘Users Will Never Be Ready’: Samourai Wallet Drops Fiat...

Cryptocurrency wallet Samourai Wallet has released an update which removes fiat currency balances in a move it says stops users using Bitcoin with a “crutch.” Users Must Embrace...

Wilma Woo | Sep 28, 2018 | 21:00
New Samourai Wallet Promises to Improve Bitcoin Transactions Privacy
Bitcoin Wallet

New Samourai Wallet Feature Makes Bitcoin Transactions Private

A 2-wallet Samourai Stowaway offers to make transactions private by masking user identity while keeping funds safe. Bitcoin Transactions Are Pseudo-Anonymous Bitcoin (BTC) transactions...

Julio Gil-Pulgar | Sep 18, 2018 | 07:00
Overstock’s Medici Ventures Launches Bitsy Cryptocurrency Wallet and Exchange
Bitcoin Wallet

Overstock’s Medici Ventures Launches Bitsy Cryptocurrency Wallet...

Today, Medici Ventures announced that its portfolio company has launched the limited beta edition of a high-tech digital wallet service that aims to develop a simple...

Eric | Sep 15, 2018 | 00:00
Just How 'Cool' is the CoolWallet S? (Review)
Bitcoin Wallet

CoolBitX Partners With The Litecoin Foundation To Make Its United...

CoolBitX recently announced a partnership with Charlie Lee and the Litecoin Foundation to roll out sales of the CoolWallet S in the United States.  The First Truly Mobile Hardware...

Kyle Baird | Sep 13, 2018 | 13:00
Charlie Lee Litecoin
Bitcoin Wallet

Charlie Lee Sat Down With CoolBitX To Talk Cryptocurrency Hurdles And...

Charlie Lee and Michael Ou are on the frontlines of cryptocurrency mass adoption, interchangeability, and secure storage options.  ‘Being Your Own Bank’ In a recent...

Kyle Baird | Sep 12, 2018 | 13:30
Paynym payment codes
Bitcoin Wallet

The Google Pay for Bitcoin Wallets: Payment Codes and PayNym Bots

An emblematic, and probably the most controversial feature, cryptocurrencies brought to the world economy is absolute privacy. Lately, however, it seemed that this property was lost as...

Paula Baciu | Sep 09, 2018 | 12:00
Apple Axes Crypto Game from App Store
Bitcoin Wallet

Apple Axes Crypto Game from App Store

Apple has ordered Coinbase to remove its crypto game War Riders from the Coinbase Wallet app for iOS. The game was removed for violating the terms of Apple’s in-app purchases...

Danny Scopelliti | Sep 02, 2018 | 17:00
John McAfee
Bitcoin Wallet

Bitfi Wallet Recants ‘Unhackable’ Claim

The Bitfi wallet touted by John McAfee has disavowed its claims of being unhackable as research reveals security flaws. Despite this, McAfee stands by his word. Despite claims by...

Danny Scopelliti | Sep 01, 2018 | 21:00
Important Points to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Cryptocurrency Wallet
Bitcoin Wallet

Important Points to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Cryptocurrency...

The choice of which cryptocurrency wallet to use is arguably one of the most important decisions for anyone interested in cryptocurrency. Like almost any other storage system, the...

Bitcoinist | Sep 01, 2018 | 04:30
New Off-Line Wallet Can Exchange Bitcoins Using c-Lightning
Bitcoin Wallet

New Off-Line Wallet Can Exchange Bitcoins Using C-Lightning

Several technological initiatives and devices designed to make Bitcoin transactions faster, safer, and cheaper are streaming into the crypto space. The latest is Spark, which is a...

Julio Gil-Pulgar | Aug 30, 2018 | 00:00

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