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The Reasoning Behind Massive Backing for Darktrace

Darktrace, a cyber security company, backed by Mike Lynch, was recently valued at an estimated 100 million dollars. This was surprising to many as the company has been open for a mere two years, yet...

Armaan Chandnani | Jul 27, 2015 | 17:04
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Trestor Foundation Provides A Solution For Greece Capital Controls

Trestor is a technology non-profit company whose...

Nuno Menezes | Jul 11, 2015 | 18:00
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MtGox: Deadline for Filing Bankruptcy Extended

The deadline for creditors to file claims against the...

Nuno Menezes | Jul 07, 2015 | 15:00
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Is Bitcoin Better Than Gold? Part Four: Politics

Politics dominates much of the Bitcoin vs. gold...

Evan Faggart | Jul 07, 2015 | 08:00
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Greece, Europe and Bitcoin.

Greece, one of the world’s regions that was known...

Sergio Schout | Jul 02, 2015 | 14:00
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Will New Breakthroughs In Renewable Energy Affect Bitcoin Mining?

Bitcoin mining is a topic of heavy debate around the...

Jp Buntinx | Jun 19, 2015 | 19:00
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Belgian Court Allows “Unlawful Evidence” In Fiscal Court...

The world of finance already seems to evolve at a slow...

Jp Buntinx | Jun 18, 2015 | 15:00
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Blockchain Technology To Play Key Role in Consumerism Shift?

Consumer behavior has evolved tremendously over the...

Jp Buntinx | Jun 06, 2015 | 16:19
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Is Bitcoin Better Than Gold? Part Two: Trust

Trust is a component in both gold currency and...

Evan Faggart | Jun 04, 2015 | 15:00
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Bitcoin is Not Anonymous and Lacks Privacy

Bitcoin is often advertised as an anonymous digital currency that offers a high level of user privacy. People can hide their identities behind a wallet address, and generate additional...

Jp Buntinx | Jun 04, 2015 | 08:00
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Is Bitcoin Better than Gold? Part One: Transaction Costs and...

In many ways, gold and Bitcoin are similar. They are both scarce; gold is scarce by nature and Bitcoin has scarcity coded into its protocol. Gold and Bitcoin are divisible; gold can be...

Evan Faggart | Jun 02, 2015 | 15:00
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The Factom Protocol – A Technical Overview

Factom is a new decentralized protocol working on top of the Bitcoin protocol that solved some of the Bitcoin main Blockchain's flaws.

Nuno Menezes | Jun 01, 2015 | 19:00
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Should We Raise the Bitcoin Block Size Limit?

Over the past several days, the debate over increasing the Bitcoin block size limit has been rekindled. Gavin Andresen, the most prominent Core developer, restarted the debate in a...

Evan Faggart | May 13, 2015 | 19:00
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Rand Paul Names Patrick Byrne as Part of Tech Counsel

Speculation is running wild in the world of Bitcoin...

Jp Buntinx | May 12, 2015 | 08:00
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Bitcoin to Play a Key Role in Denmark’s Cash-Free Economy?

Our society is evolving into a cashless economic...

Jp Buntinx | May 11, 2015 | 19:00
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American Bar Association to Host Event on Bitcoin Regulation

The world of Bitcoin and digital currency is plagued...

Jp Buntinx | May 11, 2015 | 15:00
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The Mt. Gox Post-Bankruptcy Claims: A Detailed Guide

The history of Bitcoin is still plagued by the Mt...

Jp Buntinx | May 08, 2015 | 08:00
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All About: The Blockchain Part Four

News powered by Article by Drew...

Drew Cordell | May 07, 2015 | 15:00
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Bitcoin: Currency vs Transaction Tool

At this point in time, with Bitcoin becoming...

Evan Faggart | May 06, 2015 | 19:00
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Coinimal Announces Partnership With NETELLER

Coinimal, a European digital currency merchant...

Nuno Menezes | Apr 28, 2015 | 08:00
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Bitcharities Brings Nonprofits to the Cryptocurrency Industry

Bitcharities Bitcoin means opening new opportunities...

Nuno Menezes | Apr 23, 2015 | 08:00
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Bitcoin House Taiwan: Enjoy a Slice of Paradise

Just a few days ago, I came across an interesting new project called “Bitcoin House Taiwan”. Not sure what to make of it at first, I decided to check their thread on BitcoinTalk...

Jp Buntinx | Apr 22, 2015 | 15:00
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The Economics of Bitcoin Mining Centralization

Bitcoin mining centralization has been a point of concern in the community for a while now. People are worried that the growing size of mining firms will continue until one of them...

Evan Faggart | Apr 20, 2015 | 17:00