CryptoGames Review: All you need to learn about the far-reaching online casino! 

Technological advancement in recent years have gradually increased the popularity of online gambling as a source of online entertainment for millions of people across the world. Every day, the scale of expectations from online gambling sites rises beyond imagination. And this challenges the developers to put out their ultimate best at all times. The list of requirements is rapidly growing for all online casinos from unbreakable security and low house edges to accepting crypto currencies. While the rest of the online gambling websites are working to meet those criteria, CryptoGames has already crossed the finish line in the race!

CryptoGames is an all-rounder online casino offering a fair gambling policy, eccentric user interface, any device compatibility, and eternal rewards!

Get a sight of the Foundation of CryptoGames:

CryptoGames is operated by MuchGaming B.V, which also, in fact, owns the casino. It is curacao-based company situated at Fransche Bloemweg 4, Willemstad, Curaçao. At this very moment, CryptoGames is winning the race of online casinos with its highly impacting performance for the gambling society.

With a total of 8 quintessential casino games having the lowest house edge, CryptoGames has set the benchmark for its security at a notable peek. The modern versions of the games have won their way to players’ hearts for their simplicity and benefiting rewards. It goes without saying that the casino’s unwavering security acts as a word of honor for all gamblers on board in addition to being known for the fun. These traits of the casino have immensely influenced the gambling society to positively find their hidden potentials in gambling.

In our review today, we present to you all the reasons that make up the casino the finest of all!

Speedy Transactions, Secure Exchanges, and Up-to-date Currencies:

As it has been known for days by now, CryptoGames’ topmost priority is consistent customer satisfaction at any price. The casino was always focused on bringing the latest of all things to the plate every time. And so, with these 9 cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ethereum Classic, Dogecoin, Monero. Bitcoin Cash Dash. Gas), it is clearly demonstrating its efforts to keep the quality of digital wallet transactions updated. Since these are widely used cryptocurrencies worldwide, online gamblers can access all of them quickly. Along with these 9 coins, the casino’s house famous Play Money has been offering a lot more freedom during playtime. As its name states, Play Money has been developed for users as an aid when in need. The casino’s own currency allows players to navigate their way through the rules and customs of the casino without the risk of loss.

Apart from the Play Money, the rest of the nine currencies have their own minimum deposit limits. Depending on the minimum deposit or withdrawal amounts, the games and transactions are processed

The minimum amount for deposits and withdrawals:

0.0001 for Bitcoin

0.01 for Ether

0.01 for Litecoin

0.02 for Ether Classic

20 for Dogecoin

0.01 for Monero

0.001 for Bitcoin Cash

0.01 for Dash

0.02 for GAS

And the minimum amount for withdrawal is 0.0005 BTC or altcoin equivalent.

Even though Play Money comes with no restrictions, only fully registered players are permitted to make deposits.

Also, it comes as a piece of good news that all players can switch from and to any currency during a game session using the built-in exchange system. All accounts are completely secured using 2FA and site wide SSL encryption.

Ultra-modern and lightweight user interface: 

Device limitations are what holds a lot of potential online gamers back when it comes to trying out new gaming websites. It is also one of the cause for the lack of interests people shows in online gambling. But, with CryptoGames having light as a feather user interface, players will have nothing to worry about regarding their devices. After constant labor behind the exterior, the developers have created this casino to be packed with device-friendly games and transaction systems. This also means that players can enjoy all the games of the casino regardless of their device’s restrictions. Another factor that sets the website’s interface apart from other online casinos is the elimination of unnecessary ads and popups. This Is one of the highlights which makes the overall experience of browsing the website smooth as butter. 

The website is built with a stylish dark exterior containing well-organized information and links on one home page. So, navigation becomes the most accessible part for both new and regular players. Users can start playing as soon as they visit the landing page by clicking on the “Play Now” button situated at the top right corner, or visit the FAQ and the Blog if they wish to know more about the casino. So, if it is someone’s first time at the casino, they are served with the simplest one of all.

8 refashioned casino gems:


This game is the first one that you will stumble upon out of the 8. It was one of the most beginner-friendly games in CryptoGames since its introduction. The game presented the audience with fun with easy-to-understand rules and a 1% house edge. Dice also offers a fantastic amount of the best prizes, 6 BTC! The game is played by predetermining the numbers on the Dice before rolling it. Then compare the pre-estimated number with the resulting number. If they match, you win; if they do not match, you lose. Shortcuts on the keyboard are handy if you want to roll the dice quickly and use the auto-betting method.


Coming with a 1.97% House Edge, Slots is a game that challenges your luck in every bet. Since it is based on pure luck, the rules are simple. Winning lines require you to have at least one 7 in the line or a minimum of four of the same character or symbol. 

Information about the payouts for each event can be found in the Rewards tab. The highest amount one can win from Slots is up to 5 BTC!


If you are in search of something that gives you the feeling of dealing in an actual casino, then Blackjack is the perfect match for you. The game offers an advanced gambling experience that will only change your time at the casino for the better. The casino, as usual, provides game rules that are simple for players of all levels. 

You score a win if you get points higher than the dealer or if the dealer exceeds the 21-point limit. Blackjack is offering a house edge of 1.253%.


Want to achieve prizes beyond your expectations at CryptoGames? Then try your hand in the game of Lotto. Combine your luck with the anticipation of winning from the moment you receive your lottery ticket on the “Buy Tickets” tab. CryptoGames has decided to give out all the winning credits to the player by making the game’s house edge 0. This means, if you win, you take everything home! Just how cool is that?


Modernized from the European version of Roulette, CryptoGames offers you the latest model of the original Roulette. You will find the exact payout amount as Blackjack and a house edge of 2.7% in this game.

At the start of the game, players make sure to build up a stack of chips for each amount they want to bet. Then they wait for the ball to roll over the roulette wheel. Payout then depends entirely on the slot the balls fall into. 


Another perfect example of classic games. The game includes a pegged pyramid and 4 shades of balls. The aim is to drop a desired shade of ball from the top of the pegged pyramid. As the ball reaches the bottom into one of the different payout amounts, win or loss will be determined. For each individual color, the multiplier slot shows different numbers.

The amount to bet and the shade of the color must be set before the game starts. Since the payout amount depends on the colors of the balls, make sure to choose your lucky one! Right now, Plinko is offering 4 different house edges for the 4 shades of balls individually. The green ball holds 1.63%, the red ball holds 1.84%, the blue ball holds 1.52%, and finally, the yellow ball holds 1.56%.


No casino should be declared complete without at least one brain game on the list. And keeping that in mind, CryptoGames has added the ever-loved brain game, Minesweeper, as one of the games at its casino. It’s a guarantee that all 90s players can relate to the game instantly and indulge in strategy exchanges with other players! The difficulty of levels of the game is set by the players themselves.

So, the more complicated a level is to complete, the bigger their prize amount is. Similar to the other games at CryptoGames, Minesweeper comes with a complexity-free set of rules. All you need to do to win is steer clear of all mines in the field. However, you can choose to cash out any time after you press start. This option helps players to take risks according to their skill levels.

 Video Poker: 

To play and win this one, a player must think strategically from the beginning. The game comes with an intricate set of rules. To begin, players first enter the amount they would like to bet. Since the amounts are set in credits, the credit conversion rates are displayed underneath the gameboard. Then, once the wagering amount has been entered, the players press Deal.

This begins the game by dealing 5 cards to the player. After the deal, players have the choice to keep any combination of cards. They can either choose to keep one, all, or none at all. To hold or keep a card, they just have to simply press the hold button. Finally, press Deal to finish the hand. Each of the hands ends the game with the winning combination of 5 cards. For each possible winning hand, the payout table can be found in the Rewards tab. This also shows the earnings for those hands. At CryptoGames, you are offered three different versions of Video Poker. With an average of 2.09% house edge, Video Poker’s three versions come with the following house edges: Jacks or Better 2.11%

Tens or Better 2.08%

Bonus poker 2.09%.

Currency limits for games and bets: 

The game of Slots has wagering limits between 10 (0.00001 BTC, 0.0002 ETH, 0.001 LTC, 0.001 DASH, 0.001 XMR, 0.0001 BCH, 10 DOGE, 0.001 GAS, 0.001 ETC) and 5,000 Credits (0.005 BTC, 0.1 ETH, 0.5 LTC, 0.5 DASH, 0.5 XMR, 0.05 BCH, 5,000 DOGE, 0.5 GAS, 0.5 ETC).

The games of Blackjack, Plinko and Roulette, shows the limits are between 0.00001 BTC, 0.0002 ETH, 0.001 LTC, 0.001 DASH, 0.001 XMR, 0.0001 BCH, 10 DOGE, 0.001 GAS, 0.001 ETC and up to 4 BTC, 35 ETH, 15 LTC, 1.1 DASH, 5 XMR, 10 BCH, 300,000 DOGE, 100 GAS, 50 ETC).

And for the games of Dice and minesweeper, the payout amount and the betting amounts are dependent on one another.

Besides knowing these limits, users must be aware of the codependency of the limitations and the speed of transactions.

If you are using auto-bet, the betting speed will depend on your wagered amount and how close you are to the server. The higher your bet amount, the faster your bet speed will be!

Promotions and Hardcore Monthly Ventures

When we said CryptoGames is a casino that keeps getting better, we were not kidding. And to prove that here’s a brief about their compelling promotions and competitions!

As soon as an account is created, each player is provided with a referral link for promoting CryptoGames. This link can be found in the “Rewards” section under the “Invite A Friend” tab. 15% of the house edge of every bet placed by the players one refers is added to their balance. The person who refers earns the reward regardless of the other person’s win or loss. Along with this, the casino now hosts a competitive weekly and monthly betting tournament for all levels of gamblers on site. These competitions are the best battlefields for both veterans and newcomers to show off their skills and expertise! After each long battle of wagering, the victors are crowned with highly profiting rewards! They get to enjoy easy access to the VIP memberships and the privileges that come along with the tag. The tag of VIP Members lasts until the beginning of the next monthly contest.

The “Forum” section of the casino is dedicated to keeping all the information regarding the daily/weekly / monthly contests under one organized section. You can also find out more about the daily promotions in the Promotion tab of the “Blog”. So if you’re a fan of competition, you know this is precisely the place for you!

Fruitful VIP Membership and its perks:

For players to earn a premium VIP membership, they must stand in one of the top spots in the monthly contests. Immediately after earning the title of VIP, the following compensation list will be automatically provided.

  • Enjoy the help of no speed restriction from the server when placing bets. Regardless of size, you can enjoy the fastest betting speeds for one month.
  • All VIP members are entitled to higher trade limits! VIP players can set a total limit of 1 bitcoin and exchange currencies up to 10 times a day!
  • In addition to regular chat rooms, players can check out VIP rooms.
  • VIP members can celebrate their birthday with $100 worth of bitcoins offered by CryptoGames. However, this only applies to VIP members with Tier 3 Verification (KYC) or higher.
  • Add more faucet levels to collect more rewards!
  • All VIP members receive a monthly coupon number by email. The member’s stand in the competitions determines the number of coupons received. In the event of multiple victories in multiple competitions, players are rewarded with only the one with the highest price tag. Offer coupons are distributed only on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th week of every month!

VIP benefits for members using Bitcoin, Ethereum Litecoin: 

The win top three winners get the following number of coupons:

1st place gets 3 coupons,

2nd place gets 2 coupons,

3rd place gets 1 coupon per month.

All BTC/ETH vouchers are worth around $50, and LTC coupons are worth around $40 each.

Benefits for Monero using members:

1st place winner will receive one coupon per month, each voucher worth $40.

And all other coins using members:

1st place winner gets one coupon per month, each voucher worth $30. PlayMoney winners will unfortunately not be rewarded whatsoever.

As of the moment, the top five players on the Bitcoin and Ethereum leaderboard, the top three on Litecoin, and the winner for the remaining coins will be able to enjoy the exclusive membership for an entire month. PlayMoney winners do not qualify for the membership. 

Exceedingly on fleek Blog and Forum: 

It is only normal that you might have tens if not hundreds of questions when you enter a casino for the first. And if it is an online casino, the questions keep rising every time you come across something new. The new elements start to fascinate you so much that sometimes they can be overwhelming. So, to aid that confusion, CryptoGames has come prepared.

The Blog is constructed with all the informative posts regarding the use and abuses of the features available. The in-depth explanations of the features come in handy whenever a player might feel stuck before playing a game.

On the other hand, the forum is embellished with the most functional space for every gambler on the site. Here, one can post, share and comment under different threads dedicated to various topics at any time. The threads are there to assist both new and veteran players in exploring the latest game plans or strategies to win more effectively. Aside from helping the players, the forum lets everyone talk about their favorite topics without any discrimination of levels. 

The supportive and watchful nature of the casino: 

With the sole aim of entertaining players from all parts of the world, the casino advises its user to play in a regulated way. This helps them refrain from overindulgence and ensures a safe environment for both developers and users. While most gamblers enjoy the perks of online casinos without any problems, some forget their limitations and overdo everything to win. And so, CryptoGames watches over its precious users with a preventive policy. The policy aims to reduce the negative impact of gambling and promote the potentials of responsible gambling. CryptoGames also aims to remind everyone on board of the economic impact of gambling. It also keeps the doors open at the customer support care system for anyone facing problems. On top of that, players can find themselves helplines or guidelines using the helpful links provided by the casino.

Some of them being:

Global Gambling Guidelines Group –

Gordon Moody Association

Gambling Therapy –


Note that anyone under the age of 18 is not permitted to open an account or use the platform for any activity.

As we get to our concluding parts of the review, we urge you to think of all the details once again. And then pay attention to the distinct characteristics of CryptoGames portrayed above. The invulnerable security for transactions, the polished library of games, the thoughtfulness of the system, and the receptive community. All the qualities that strive to provide you with the best betting service available on the internet. 

So, now we only hope that when you are lost in a crowd full of average online casinos, you can blindly choose CryptoGames as your escape route. 

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