Reading: Portuguese Entrepreneur launches first 100% Portuguese made Bitcoin ATM


Portuguese Entrepreneur launches first 100% Portuguese made Bitcoin ATM


Portuguese Entrepreneur launches first 100% Portuguese made Bitcoin ATM

Joaquim Lambiza, is a Portuguese Entrepreneur who decided to embrace the digital currency industry. Being an experienced Consultant in the IT field, and a strong Bitcoin enthusiast, Joaquim managed to gather all the necessary resources to produce a new bitcoin ATM 100% made in Portugal. To help him in this endeavour he founded Bitcoin Já, the Company running the production of the first ever Portuguese Bitcoin ATM.
The Portuguese Entrepreneur says this is an entirely new model of bidirectional ATM with its own special features. It allows converting bitcoins into Fiat and Fiat into bitcoins. The Portuguese Teller Machine is the result of a rigorous manufacturing process, combined with the know-how of experienced IT professionals, translated into a versatile, multi-functional and highly optimized scalable system. Joaquim, proudly told us that the design, production and ownership of the new machine – hardware and software – are 100% Portuguese made.

When asked about the equipment and the event, Joaquim didn’t want to go into further explanations and assured us that more details would be revealed at the launching event. He also pointed that the Teller is fully prepared for software upgrades that are expected to include Altcoins, PayPal cash top-up and service payments.

The ATM will be properly installed in the most technological advanced movie theatre to operate in Portugal. The movie theatre, situated in Saldanha Residence Shopping Centre in Lisbon, is also the chosen venue for the launching event.

The opening event is the first of a kind in Portugal and will include a special and unique screening of the long awaited and revealing movie “The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin” and will be seen, free, by a lucky audience. BitcoinJá_article_Bitcoinist_Cover2This screening has a clear objective of promoting Bitcoin and to strengthen the ties with the local community, while trying to integrate Portugal in the European Bitcoin roadmap. In the launching event, Bitcoin Já is aiming to contribute to the dissemination of crypto currency and its user community in Portugal, and the screening of the film will be followed by a debate with the participation of renowned national experts in the field, including Nuno Menezes and Bruno Proença.

Bitcoin Já is the responsible brand for the production of the Portuguese Bitcoin Teller; the brand is already betting on the dissemination of digital currencies, as well as in the designing and marketing of products and related services. Bitcoin Já is a Portuguese Company working and developing business solutions based on the Bitcoin technology. BitcoinJá_article_Bitcoinist_Cover3The Company, also seeks to serve the Portuguese crypto currency community by developing solutions for digital currencies based businesses, while trying to increase awareness and promote digital currencies and local merchant adoption. The team pointed the first phase for the event itself. The event will be made in a High Tech Cinema in Lisbon (Saldanha Residence), which will be accepting Bitcoin from the opening day of the event, becoming the first cinema in Portugal to accept Bitcoins.

For additional information contact Joaquim Lambiza (Founder) at [email protected]

Pictures and more information can also be found in bitcoin Já Facebook page and soon at the Company site

The ATM will reside in the lobby of the Cinema located in the Saldanha Residence, Lisbon.
ATM Location:
Latitude: 38°43’54.23″N
Longitude: 9° 8’44.52″W

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