peter schiff ridiculous bitcoin price prediction

Craig Wright Relying On ‘Coffee Stains’ And ‘Rusty Staples’ In...

Serial forger and Satoshi Nakamoto wannabe, Craig Wright, has discovered a new fakery technique, as wingman Calvin Ayre inadvertently revealed. Referring to the ‘mountain of...

Emilio Janus | 1 year ago
bitcoin mask mystery satoshi nakamoto

This Latest ‘Who Created Bitcoin’ Theory is The Craziest One Yet

Bitcoin was the creation of a programmer and drug lord who wanted to launder money, and Craig Wright is trying to steal his private keys. Bitcoin Creator, Solotshi Nakamoto? That was...

Esther Kim | 2 years ago
John McAfee

John McAfee Summons Calvin Ayre After Bitcoin SV ‘Conman’ Comments

US entrepreneur turned presidential candidate John McAfee has invited infamous Bitcoin SV supporter Calvin Ayre for a face-to-face meeting following accusations he was a “conman.”...

Esther Kim | 2 years ago
hash war bitcoin cash abc sv bch
Knowledge Base

Bitcoin Cash ABC vs. Bitcoin Cash SV – Examining the Bitcoin Cash Hash War

The Bitcoin Cash hard-fork on November 15, 2018, resulted in two coins. Now, many exchanges recognize Bitcoin Cash ABC as Bitcoin Cash with a separate listing for Bitcoin SV...

Bitcoinist | 2 years ago
SEC Kraken

Kraken ‘Named’ in SEC Investigation, Calvin Ayre Claims as Bitcoin Cash Forks Go...

The controversy surrounding the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) hard fork is increasingly engulfing cryptocurrency exchange Kraken as the altcoin’s proponents take aim at its treatment of its two...

Esther Kim | 2 years ago
Bitcoinist Bitcoin SV Hashpower
Bitcoin Cash

BCH Hard Fork: Bitcoin SV Winning ‘Hash War’ Against Bitcoin ABC

The upcoming Bitcoin Cash hard fork has generates some buzz with pre-fork trading suggesting Bitcoin SV may have the lower price, but more miner support, according to the latest...

John Norsted | 2 years ago

Bitcoin Cash Propaganda Poll Backfires

The Twitter account @Bitcoin — an intentionally misleading account which only supports Bitcoin Cash (BCH) — recently tried to defame Bitcoin (BTC) in a poll on the popular social...

Adam James | 3 years ago

Billionaire Calvin Ayre is Building a $100m Bitcoin Cash Resort in Antigua

Soon, wealthy tourists looking to live large in the Caribbean will be able to reserve rooms at controversial billionaire Calvin Ayre’s resort in Antigua — if you’ve got...

Adam James | 3 years ago

Antigua Gov’t Preparing Bitcoin ‘Implementation’, Talks of...

Antigua is seemingly preparing for Bitcoin regulation as local news media report government plans for “implementation.” Antigua Minister: ‘Bitcoin Benefits Us’ Quoting...

Wilma Woo | 4 years ago

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