Bitcoin Bull Case Strengthens as U.S. National Debt Rockets to $26 Trillion

Bitcoin hasn’t done too well since late 2017. From the all-time high of $20,000, the cryptocurrency has collapsed by 50% as it now trades at $9,900. Yet the fundamentals of...

Nick Chong | 6 months ago
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Bullish for Bitcoin: US Government Expected to Rack Up $3T of Debt in 3 Months

In a move bullish for Bitcoin, the U.S. Treasury has announced that it is looking to issue $3 trillion worth of debt in a single quarter. That’s three with 12 zeroes after it...

Nick Chong | 7 months ago
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US Household Debt Hits Record Level, Is Bitcoin The Solution?

Recent reports indicate that the level of household debt in the US has reached a record high of over $14 trillion. Dollar devaluation and a flawed banking system have been the catalyst...

Martin Young | 10 months ago
DeFi Sectors Delivered 250% ROI Over Last Year

How Crypto Savings Can Earn 250x More Than a Bank Account

The crypto industry is evolving into a decentralized financial landscape. This builds upon Satoshi’s original vision of becoming bankless, and some digital assets are yielding bank...

Martin Young | 10 months ago
bitcoin adoption financial crisis

How Bitcoin Solves Global Central Bank Monetary Madness

The pressure is mounting on the major economies of the world. This can be clearly evidenced by observing central bank monetary policy over recent years in various countries. Bitcoin...

Martin Young | 11 months ago
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Global Debt to be Worth $12 Million per Bitcoin by Year End

Bitcoin has achieved market capitalization close to some of the biggest corporations, ranging between $100 and $300 billion. But taken in proportion to the size of the world’s...

Christine Vasileva | 12 months ago
Company Usess Junk Bonds to Convert Aluminum Smelter into a Giant Mining Operation

Company Uses Junk Bonds to Convert Aluminum Smelter into a Giant Mining Operation

Coinmint LLC is turning to junk lending in order to fund a massive new mining operation. The project will repurpose a now-closed industrial site. Coinmint LLC is in the midst of a...

Danny Scopelliti | 2 years ago
Emirati cryptocurrency Dubai

Abu Dhabi resident Down 85% After Taking $140K Loan to Buy Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency investing is risky business and one budding investor is feeling the pain after using a huge bank loan to build a losing cryptocurrency portfolio. DYOR and Steer Clear of...

Eustace Cryptus | 2 years ago
Ex-Goldman Sachs Economist: Bitcoin Is Response To World Debt Bubble

Ex-Goldman Sachs Economist: Bitcoin Is Response To World Debt Bubble

Tetras Capital founder and ex-Goldman Sachs economist Brendan Bernstein has become the latest source claiming Bitcoin will pop the ‘bubble’ of traditional finance. Bernstein...

Wilma Woo | 3 years ago

Average Americans Putting Themselves into Debt for Bitcoin

It’s not just seasoned investors hoping to cash in on Bitcoin. Your regular girl, or boy, next door also wants to be a part of this digital currency’s lucrative rise to the top...

Nikita Blows | 3 years ago

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