Argentinian government hit by bitcoin ransomware attack

Bitcoin Ransomware Attack Hits Argentinian Government

The Argentinian government has been hit with a Bitcoin ransomware attack. According to the latest information, the hacker demanded 50 BTC to withdraw the attack. For all the positive...

Ali | 6 days ago
Crypto Users Beware, Your TV Might Rob You

Crypto Users Beware: Your Smart TV Might Rob You

Oregon FBI recently issued a cybersecurity warning to Smart TV owners stating that hackers can remotely turn on built-in microphones and cameras to spy on them. Could your crypto be at...

Ali | 1 week ago
hackers use clipper malware to steal crypto

Hackers are Stealing Crypto Using Clipper Malware

Hackers can steal crypto payments by using a relatively new malware that replaces the receiving address between copying and pasting. Don’t CTRL+C CTRL +V According to a report...

Ali | 2 weeks ago
Vertcoin falls victim to another 51% attack

Vertcoin Suffers its Second 51% Attack in 12 Months

Vertcoin recently suffered its second 51% attack in 12 months, with the newest attack occurring almost exactly 1 year since the previous one. Reports of a 51% attack on the project...

Ali | 2 weeks ago
sweden bitcoin

Sweden Changed Its Official Currency To Bitcoin (For 30 Minutes)

Hackers convinced Twitter to give them control of the account for Sweden’s ruling political party – then used it to change the country’s official currency to Bitcoin. Swedish...

Esther Kim | 8 months ago

Kraken CEO Warns: Don’t Keep More Coins Than Needed on...

Binance and Kraken CEOs weighed in on industry best practices for storing cryptocurrency in the wake of Cryptopia getting hacked. The question remains, which means of storage has the...

Osato Avan-Nomayo | 11 months ago

Ethereum Vulnerability Could Have Allowed Attackers to Drain Hot...

A recent vulnerability in the Ethereum network could have reportedly allowed hackers to gain massive profits from cryptocurrency exchanges which haven’t set up a Gas usage limit. A...

Georgi Georgiev | 1 year ago

Three Chinese Men In Custody Over $87M Cryptocurrency Theft

Police in China has detained three men suspected of pulling the country’s biggest ever cryptocurrency heist — worth 600 million yuan ($87 million).  Theft is China’s...

Wilma Woo | 1 year ago

‘I’m Not That Sloppy’: 15-Year Old Ridicules Bitfi...

A fifteen-year-old has claimed to have successfully compromised the “unhackable” Bitfi hardware wallet endorsed by John McAfee. ‘Bullshit Walks’? In a Twitter exchange...

Wilma Woo | 1 year ago

Bitfinex Survives DDoS Attack Hours After...

US cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex has recovered after a two-phase outage saw hackers launch a DDoS attack on its website. ‘Back To Normal Operations’ Updates on the...

Wilma Woo | 2 years ago
51% attack

Hack Bytecoin for $557: New Findings Reveal Cost Of 51% Attacks

A new resource claims to have calculated “accurate” costs for launching a 51% attack against some of the largest cryptocurrencies. Hack Bytecoin for $557 51Crypto, which includes...

Wilma Woo | 2 years ago
DADI ICO Investors Under Attack by Phishing Scams

‘Don’t Be Greedy’: Cryptocurrency Scammers &...

You think your losses from hodling been bad this year? Odds are, they pale in comparison to losses accrued from hacks and scams. A Bull Run for Crypto Scammers According to data shared...

Adam James | 2 years ago

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