Bitcoin better than gold

Why Bitcoin Excels Over Gold as a Store of Value

There is no doubting the king of crypto has been on a roll over the past few weeks. This month alone Bitcoin has surged 26% from mid $8000 to over $10,000. With political and economic...

Martin Young | 1 year ago

Cryptocurrency is a Playground for the Ultra Rich

The world’s ultra-rich continue to invest their wealth into the cryptocurrency space, even though they don’t really know what it is. A Playground for the Ultra Rich...

Adam James | 3 years ago

“Just Shut Up and Get Rich”

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Daniel Krawisz | 6 years ago

Bitcoin’s Obscene Wealth Disparity Is a Feature

Bitcoin promises extraordinary rewards to early adopters, should it go mainstream. The rewards are potentially far greater, for the earliest adopters, than could be achieved by...

Daniel Krawisz | 6 years ago

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